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ALLDOCUBE iPlay10 Pro Review: Best 10.1″ Tablet in Budget Segment?

What do you think when you heard a brand name like “ALLDOCUBE”?

Nothing, right. That was the case with us at least. However, after using this tablet for a week we realized that this tablet is one of the best tablets that you can get at this price.

Tablets market is shrinking nowadays and it is very hard to get your hands on a good tablet that is under $100-150 but still is best for everyday use. iPad Pro and other flagship tablets are available but they are not for everyone and surely not for us.

So here in this article, we are going to do a hands-on review of the ALLDOCUBE iPlay10 Pro 10.1″ Tablet. We are going to talk about the real facts that are the core part of the everyday use of a tablet. So let’s get started!

Critical Update: After a few weeks of usage, the bottom of the screen (About an inch from the bottom) stopped responding to touch and we are experiencing ghost touching issues sometimes. It is good that Gearbest provides a replacement and repair for the product but the shipping fees for sending the tablet to the Gearbest have to be paid by you.

ALLDOCUBE iPlay10 Pro Review

Build Quality

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Rear

Since this is in the budget range. We did not expect much from it. Testing of the iPlay10 Pro tablet was not done JerryRig style but the body of the tablet feels plastic-like. We tried to press very hard on the back but there was no bend. We even pressed the fingers against the LCD IPS screen but it seems like it is protected using a heavy slab of plastic.

You will also get a preinstalled screen protected which according to us because these things get scratched pretty easily even in a few days. So it is good to leave that on until you find a replacement.

On the top rear, you get a detachable cover which uncovers the camera protecting the plastic. We did not like that very much because it leaves the lens exposed and if you ever opened that in a dusty environment it will damage your rear camera sensor.

Pro Tip: The AmazonBasics 10″ Sleeve is a perfect fit to protect this device. We highly recommend getting one to protect your device from accidental damage.


It is pretty much comparable to the other tablets that you get around at this price point. It has thick bezels on top as well as the bottom. It’s not a bad thing as it will help you hold the tablet perfectly while doing things like reading and browsing in portrait mode.

Pro Tip: If you need a stand for this device then AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Stand is recommended.

Ports & Buttons

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Ports

On the rear, you get two bottom-firing stereo speakers. Speakers are not very loud and also not very clear but that is not a problem as most of the time you will be using Bluetooth Headphone/Earphones or the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Yes! It does have a headphone jack on the top along with the micro USB connector and a DC charging port. In the retail packaging, we got a micro USB charging cable but still, a separate charging point is provided at the top.

It is mentioned in the specifications on the official page that it has a micro HDMI port and an SD card slot. But on the outside, there are no other ports visible. That’s right both of these slots are hidden under the rear plastic latch that we talked about earlier.

There are only three buttons and all of them are on the right. Namely the power button and Volume Rocker keys.

Connectivity & Cameras

iPlay10 Pro is packed with a dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The performance of the WiFi is on par with the other devices. We have tested it thoroughly because we constantly used it to stream videos from NAS over WiFi.

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Internet Speed Test

Bluetooth also worked fine with Bluetooth Speakers as well as Bluetooth Earbuds. However, we did see a drop in the speed of the internet while using both WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. If you find this kind of interference then you can try changing the WiFi channel on your router and in most cases, this will solve your problem.

We have not tested the micro HDMI output but we guess it will give an optimal output as well.

If you are buying this device for photography, please don’t. It has okay cameras’. You can use it for Video Calls but not more than that.


Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Front

We cannot stress it enough but this thing has a gorgeous display. We cannot believe what we are getting at this price. It has an IPS LCD display running at 1920 x 1200 (1080p Full HD) Resolution with 225 PPI.

If you are the one who likes to read, browse or consume a lot of media content then you are going to how this display feels. Colors on the screen are accurate and natural.

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Kindle

The only thing that holding the display is the lack of L1 Security Level in Widevine CDM. So you will not be able to stream content from service like Prime Video, Netflix, etc. with quality > 480p and this is a bummer. The workaround for that is to install the Microsoft Edge browser from Google Play Store and then using the Prime Video desktop version to stream content in 1080p. We haven’t tried it with Netflix but probably it will work there too.

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Widevine Cdm

While playing YouTube videos we found a few second lags at the start of any video. However, you can stream 1080p videos on YouTube and that is really great.

Note: There is no light sensor on this device and hence the brightness will have to be adjusted manually.


Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Software

iPlay10 Pro runs on the stock Android 9.0 Pie. Yes, it runs the latest version of Android. This gives it an upper hand in many things like User Experience and Features. While booting up the tablet for the first time we were already having a security update ready to be downloaded and installed.

Since it is running 9.0 Pie it is expected for this device to receive regular software updates and security patches from the manufacturer.


We have been using this for almost more than a week and all we can say is that it is awesome and bang for your buck!

We’ve installed the following apps on the device: Alfred Camera, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Google Analytics, Boost, Dataplicity, Docs, Edge, Facebook, Feedly, GuitarTuna, Instagram, IP Tools, Keep, Messenger, Nextcloud, Nova Launcher, OfficeSuite Pro, Pages Manager, Pocket, Prime Video, Quora, Sheets, Skype, Slides, Solid Explorer, Spacedesk, Spotify, Tabs, Teamviewer, Todoist, Transmission Remote, Varsity, VLC, Wallpapers, Whatsapp on the top of pre-installed Google Apps.

Now that’s a lot of apps. We were surprised to see that it handled all of them well. It was not like a flagship performance but are perfectly fine for a regular user. Using these apps on a huge 10.1″ screen gives these apps a different perspective.

RAM Management is also a breeze. Although this device only has 3GB of RAM, stock Android makes it less resource hungry and it was able to handle multiple apps in the background.

For those who love to read benchmark scores, we have tested it using AnTuTu Benchmark as well as Geekbench.

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Benchmark

iPlay10 Pro is not something that you should consider if you are looking for something that can take heavy workload and gaming. However, it is perfect for someone who will use it primarily for Reading, Browsing and Media Content.

Pro Tip: We have been using this device as a Wireless 3rd Display on our Computer Setup using Spacedesk App.

Alldocube Iplay10 Pro - Wireless Monitor

Battery Life

This thing packs a massive 6600mAh battery. On regular use, it will easily last you more than a day. We were able to get approximately 5 to 6 hours of screen-on time with our regular usage of Kindly, Internet Surfing, and Occasional Media Playback/Streaming.

However, it does not have any kind of fast charging technology and it will take approximately 3-4 hours to charge it from 0% to 100%. But considering the battery life on regular use, you will hardly need a charger before the end of the day.

We were honestly surprised to see such an awesome battery performance from screen this huge and price this affordable.

FAQs & Misconceptions

  1. We have read many reviews claiming that they are ripping off customers by saying that this device has microSD expansion slot and micro HDMI output but it does not have it.

    The Truth: It does have both but they are hidden under the plastic latch covering the top back of the tablet.
  2. It is not good for eBook Reading

    The Truth: We found it a perfect fit for someone who does the occasional reading. This is because unlike kindle you will be able to get all the things on this device. However, if most of your day goes into reading then we will recommend using a Kindly as it has a far better battery life and easy on eyes for long reading sessions.

Final Verdict

Are you looking at one of the best tablets under $100-150? Probably yes, according to us. If you are the person who likes to take advantage of the huge 10.1″ Full HD display to browse the internet, reading ebooks and consume media content on-the-go, then you cannot possibly go wrong with buying this table.

But you should not buy this tablet if you are looking for a flagship-level performance or if you want to make it your primary gaming device.

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