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10 Best Burglar Deterrents to Consider: Home Security Tips

Can you recall what happened last night?

You woke up hastily around four in the morning, after hearing the screams of your next door neighbors. At first, you thought that it was a dream. But then the bright lights reflecting through the windows let the grim reality slip in. Dashing out of your front door, you made your way to their house.

The front door was ajar, and there was a little crowd in nightwear, gathered around. As you squeezed your way inside, you could hear someone ranting over the phone. It was your neighbor, whose whole house had been swept clean in the middle of the night by wily burglars. Nothing had been left behind but bare furniture.

All cards, jewelry, money, laptops, and especially the new LED TV had been taken. There was a traumatic solemnity in the air.

It was at this point, you realized it could have been YOUR house, and it could have been YOU talking to the authorities in such an agitated manner. You’re right next door, after all. And since the limelight now falls on you, a series of questions start flooding your mind.(No need to hire a moving company, just take a few precautions.)

Is your home security setup strong enough to block the attempts of burglars? Are your valuables properly stashed away in creative crannies and nooks, or are they too exposed and lying in plain sight? Can you solely rely on the hope of this terrible housebreaking incident not happening to you? Or do you need to buff up and add an extra layer of protection around your house to ease your mind and to effectively deter the sinister criminals? Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and leave no home security stone unturned, right?

Best Burglar Deterrents for Home Security

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family and your property, so you decide to search for tried-and-tested burglary deterrents. Well, look no further, because we’ve assembled a list of such deterrents, just for you.

Barred Entryways

Secure Door Lock

How do burglars enter a house? Through its entryways, of course. If your entryways are not properly secured, then this becomes a major advantage for potential thieves. They can creep in through your glass windows, disable the front door locks, slide through the garage door, climb up the pipes, and enter through your second story window. They can even maneuver the cellar door if you have one, and come in from the basement level.

Not only this, they are clever enough to find unpredictable ways of breaking in, as they’ve been scouting the area and planning their move way before you have. So what can you do to bar the entryways? You can install the following.

  • Solid-steel front gates, which fence the circumference of your house like a protective shield. Seeing this, the burglars will have to think twice before continuing with their mission.
  • Double-cylinder deadbolt locks on the doors, which literally take hours to pry open if you don’t know the technique. Their very look is discouraging enough for burglars.
  • Advanced keyless automated locks on doors and windows which work from your smartphone, if you wish to get futuristic protection. Having no keyhole is sure to leave the burglars clueless.
  • Tough non-breakable film on windows, which reinforce them against forced entry. Such reflective lamination will catch the burglars off guard.
  • Sturdy steel bars on windows especially are one of the best deterrents to date.

So start with your entryways and bar them from the sinister eyes of the criminals.

Blaring Alarms

Silence is a key when conducting a burglary. Any noise which could attract the attention of passersby is a huge no-no. As such, experienced burglars avoid even the slightest of noise at any cost, and prefer to move stealthily like a cat. For them, housebreaking is an art in itself, very much like that of ninjas.

But there’s a way to undo this art. You can actually use the noise factor against them. Install loud and blaring siren alarms around your property, which once tripped, send a notification directly to your smartphone and scare the hell out of the burglars at the same time. Imagine booming and thundering alarm sounds piercing the heart of night, tearing through the silence, and sending shivers down the burglars’ spine. What a cool deterrent!

Warning Signs

Property Entrance Notice

Imagine that you’re traveling through the woods and you come upon a fork in the road. The right path leads you towards an idyllic place and the left one towards a haunted mansion. You know this because of the arrow signs beside the fork. Which path do you take? The right one, of course. Why? Because of the sign. This represents how effective signs can be; how much of a dominion written letters hold over our hearts. So if you hang large, visible signs that indicate your home is well-protected, burglars will automatically avoid coming your way.

Noticeable Cameras

Security Cameras

I’m all for the latest, nano-sized video cameras that can be hidden anywhere quite easily, but they cannot match the burglary-deterring functions of larger cameras. Homes which have noticeable cameras presented on the forefront have a better chance of being avoided by the burglars. Why? Because the robbers will know that whatever they do, it’ll be recorded, and used as proof against them. So just the presence of a surveillance camera, like the Vivint doorbell camera, is enough to induce a wave of panic in sinister onlookers.

Spiky Flora

Spiky Plants

What lies between your house and the main road is your front yard or the garden, which is often used by burglars as a cover. The robbers hide under the shrubberies or behind the trees and then sneak their way in on all fours. But they can’t possibly do this if the flora of your garden is spiky, thorny, and allergy-inducing, right? They’ll be scratching and howling in pain before they even step on your front porch, which will give away their position, alert the passersby, and force them to retreat.

Tricky Lights

Why do most burglaries happen during the night? Because darkness is a robber’s ally. Under the dark sky, no one can recognize a burglar, or catch them stealthily moving inside a house. But don’t you worry: with tricky outdoor lights that turn off and on haphazardly, their beams move around the entire exterior of the house, freezing the burglar in their tracks. Not only this, you can also go for motion-activated lights, which flash on instantly when they sense any movement in their range. Imagine a robber silently making his way in and suddenly finding himself in limelight with alarms tripping everywhere. What’s he going to do but flee?

Watchful Dog

Dog For Security

One of the best burglary deterrents is a fierce guard dog, trained to sense and pursue unwelcomed entrants into the house. Its bark is loud enough to frighten the thieves, and its speed is fast enough to get the robbers flying off with their tails between their legs. Even if you have a friendly dog, it gets really excited upon seeing someone and hops around, alerting everyone in the process.

Illusive Presence

Mostly burglars target those homes where the inhabitants are absent. This gives them the opportunity of entering the place, getting the loot, and exiting without much problem. But things get difficult for them if the residents are present inside the premises. Even if you’re not home, you can ensure the safety of your home by giving the illusion of presence, in the following ways.

  • Recruit a home-sitter, if you’re going away on a vacation or something.
  • Get hold of fake TV lights, which show that someone’s in the living room and watching the television.
  • Request your neighbors to park their car in your driveway.
  • Install automated scheduled indoor lights, as provided by Vivint security, which can be remotely controlled.

This is how you can keep burglars away.

Noisy Walkways

Pebblestone Road

Burglars prefer to tiptoe their way in across a property. This gives them the cover of silence and enables them to enter a house without being caught. You can prevent this basic tactic from being actualized by getting graveled, marbled, or pebbled landscaping walkways, which are sure to emit a sound every time someone steps on them. Make sure that the access to your house is as loud as possible from a burglar’s perspective. It will count as a great deterrent.

Formal Checks

Houses which lie on abandoned and abnormally shaded areas are completely appetizing to housebreakers. That’s because they’re far off and no one cares to check up on them. But if your house is strategically located near the authorities, then you’ll have no trouble, because with the authorities only two minutes away, the burglars will try to avoid it. However, if it’s not, then you can get a neighborhood watch to look in on your house every now and then, as they make their regular rounds. It will discourage the potential burglars from trying to access your house.

With the aforementioned burglary deterrents, you can ensure the presence of an ultimate cloud of protection over your property.

Author: Samantha Simpson

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