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Best Short News App for Android: Shortpedia Review

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Shortpedia Review
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Shortpedia is one of the best apps that we have come across in a while. It has lots of features that you will love in a news-reading app. Find our more by installing the app right away on your smartphone!


Making the reviews strong and appreciable is not an easy task and requires the emphasis of the total force and hard work. Anything upgraded from its root base to the heights of the sky and that in a limited period of time really deserves the appreciation and a big round of applause. The sacrifice of the comforts calling out by their soft beds and walking under the gazing heat of the sun makes the startup strong and enormous from its base. Here in this article, I will be telling you about the review of one of the most trusted & the best short news app that makes us all drive off from our seat. Really, an Indian Startup tasting the sweetness of success in a short interval of time is far more than appreciable.


Best Short News App for Android


The story of the multiplex success after encountering with many hurdles and obstacles gives us a swoop that lasts long till our choice. The reviews of anything depend on the way we have followed to gain a positive response, and I think more the hard work and the patience we have inside us more our inner soul gains the capability of achieving our goals.

Well, it’s a custom that when the first rays of the morning sun fall on our face, the thought of the excursive newspaper comes in our mind and what would happen when you are frustrated with the overrated and the exaggerated writings inside it? Now, nothing would happen as the Shortpedia app is there that cares about all of the problems you are facing. In recent years, it has gained the maximum positive reviews from the user thus increasing its demand in the news market or rather I can say that it has just transformed the world of news. It is mesmerizing and appreciating, and even I will be sorted out of words if further, I would continue my speaking.

Shortpedia Features

Who can think that a simple startup would become one of the most popular short news apps and is not my speaking as today the whole world is going through this awesome app fascinated by its eye-catchy and the Prodigy features. It not only allows the user to read the news through the app but also going through its website thus allowing the user to view more of its fascinating features.


Now, what you all need when the whole world is inside your fist, and you only have to grab it to get the nectar of information and knowledge. Just make your life simpler and smarter with this awesome app and try to rest as long as possible even the sun is rising on the top. Now spend more time in your bed with the smartphone in your device scrolling down through this Prodigy app and trust me you will never get any sort of disappointments from it. So, when the whole world is having faith in this app then why not you. You must definitely download this short news app and once observe its Prodigy and the unique features. You can also read short news directly from the official website. So, what are you waiting for just go and simply go?


The one which gives you the free excursions not expecting anything in return, let us enjoy the fight and the wrath of the political titans expressing their anger on the news reporter for asking the silly questions and above all the glamorous and the delightful world of the celebrities is none other than news. But can you imagine your single day without news or the newspaper? Well, definitely no and one can’t think of that day in their dreams then viewing that sorrowful day with their naked eyes is far away from the race. But how this news helps you stay updated with its awesome and the mind-blowing coverings and on which topic. So, let’s move on to the topic.

Hotspot Shield
  1. About the advancement in the field of medicals: – With everyday advancement in the field of medicals and science, the life expectancy rate has reached to another new level with the upcoming of the modern medical kits and the tools.  Now, it is possible to treat almost all the deadly diseases that were previously impossible for the doctors and all these things we get to know through the news. It makes us updated with the recent developments and the future plannings to be brought out
  2. From the world of politics: – How will you listen to the powerful speeches of the political leaders standing in the middle of the stage to attract the public towards it? How would you know about their plannings after getting the chair in the Parliament? All these things are possible through the news that flow us into a different political scenario where everyone is greedy about the seats.
  3. The inventions of the new technologies: – How would you know about the advancement of the new and the modern technologies capable of transforming our life? Well, no doubt the answer would be news which let us know about the latest developments brought in for the comforts of the human being. If you don’t want to miss anyone of it then definitely read the news and keep you modernized with the freshest development brought in into the world.
  4. From the world of sports: – The heart bumping situation when your team is close to the win and enjoying your favorite sports personality thrashing down the ground to its full pace is so delightful that everyone loves to watch. But if you are unable to watch those beautiful watches then what will you do? There is no other choice other than the news that keeps you updated with the latest happenings around the world of sports and gives you the same experience as viewed by your naked eyes.
  5. The world of health: – There is always an article in the newspaper regarding the health tips and the healthy food that is very necessary to make our body in shape. What daily routine we have to follow and what are the diets we have to take all are mentioned in the newspaper that is very beneficial to the people fully focused on shaping their body.
  6. Business world: – How to upgrade your business from the root base to its peak? What are the necessary things required to build up a successful business? You will get the complete idea through the newspapers where many beautiful thoughts and ideas have published that guide the users to set up a successful startup. Well, if you are looking yourself on the top of the sky then definitely you must go with the newspapers.
  7. Education: – Worrying about the previous year papers of the competitive exams you have been preparing for? Well, kill all your worries and tensions with a newspaper in your hand and solve all the papers with full pace to achieve the goal you have been set up. Not only the question papers but also many knowledgeable things you have been looking for.

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So that was all for now. Let us know what you think about this awesome Shortpedia app, ;)

Shortpedia Review
  • Readability
  • Features
  • Compatibility


Shortpedia is one of the best apps that we have come across in a while. It has lots of features that you will love in a news-reading app. Find our more by installing the app right away on your smartphone!


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