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How Smartphones Have Revolutionized Online Gambling?

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In the mid-2000s, something happened that changed how the whole world operated. Smartphones were introduced to the public, and ever since, most industries have adjusted to accustom the little phone. One of the things that have changed to most since the smartphone’s introduction is the gambling industry. 

The gambling industry has become more online, and for many consumers, gambling solely happens online and even exclusively on their smartphones. There are many different ways to gamble online—Sportsbetting, online lottery, fantasy league, Black Jack, poker, etc. Online gambling draws people in for various reasons—some like the rush of sports betting, and others like the calmness of the slot machine. 

This article seeks to give some of the things that the smartphone has changed for online gambling and explore why and how it has made everything about online gambling better. 

Important Note: We do not encourage gambling. Online gambling is an entertainment vehicle, and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of this risk and govern themselves accordingly. All users of this site should exercise responsibility when playing in an online casino.

Going Mobile  

Townshend and The Who wrote a song in the late ’70s titled “Going Mobile” and is about adapting to all situations and leaving everything behind with only what is in your car and on your body. At that time, nobody could foresee what lay ahead and how the future would shape itself. Everything is mobile these days, and we all have smartphones to thank for that. The increase of better wifi and roaming has made it so that smartphones can access everything – everywhere. This has made it more convenient to be an online gambler. First of all, bettors don’t have to leave their house to gamble.

Furthermore, they do not have to leave the couch nor the bed. The smartphone has replaced the laptop or desktop as the primary media for online gambling. This is solely because of the convenience the smartphone provides. It is already on you, and it can do just about as much as a computer. 

Furthermore, it is not only when you are at home; the smartphone comes in handy. When you are mobile and out in the world. You have the smartphone on you to kill every dull moment and your cousin’s 38th birthday – with online gambling.  

Increased competition  

The smartphone has introduced new features to online gambling, and more so than making it more mobile and more convenient for the consumer – it has also started a battle between the bookmakers. Most bookmakers and online casinos are fighting for the same customers. The fight for customers often comes down to bonuses and apps. Sports Bonuses and casino bonuses are often a way bookies lure the consumer in, but it is a well-functioning app and interface that makes them stay.  

Interface and user experience are two of the pillars in online gambling on smartphones. Smartphones have, in many ways, forced bookmakers to make the best out of their apps. Sloppy and poorly designed apps are a fast way to lose customers and send them in the opponent’s direction. Most bookies on the market have the same features in a sense – early cashout, casino, etc. But the user journey from opening the app to placing a bet is different from bookie to bookie. There are many different ways bookies tend to show the live feed from the sports games. Smartphones have changed the whole aesthetic of online gambling. 

Secured Market Growth 

One of the things that the smartphone has revolutionized and changed – not only for the online gambling industry – is the potential for market growth. The market for online gambling has skyrocketed. You can boil this down to one very thing, and that is availability. As mentioned earlier, the fact that you can access online gambling platforms everywhere and play everywhere – makes the growth potential immensely higher. 

You can see it in the market numbers. For the past ten years, the online gambling industry has continued to grow by a large margin. It is furthermore set to grow every year for the next five years according to market research. This means that the online gambling market is set to be a 500 billion dollar industry in a few years. 

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Online Gambling as a Release 

One of the many reasons for online gambling, especially on a smartphone or tablet, is that it helps people relax. It is a release for many people, where the online lottery has a huge impact on users. Online lottery, especially in Nordic countries, is being used as a way to relax after a long day of work. The gambling portion of the online lottery is seen as a bonus. The chance to win money is not the main part of the online lottery. If you want to find more about the best online lottery in India then read more on CasinoTop.

Furthermore, it works as a release for the user – a way for them to relax. This sentiment is used often in commercials in Nordic countries, where users are shown enjoying and telling their stories of how they use online lottery on their smartphones to relax after a long day at work. This is another way the smartphone has made it easier for people to access online gambling. 

Why Online Gambling is Here to Stay 

The article has so far explored the many instances where the smartphone has revolutionized the way online gambling works and is accessed. Now the let’s dig a bit deeper and show and explain why online gambling is only going to grow bigger and bigger.

Gambling is so important in so many people’s lives, especially in society’s working and middle class, because of how it appeals to people’s psychology. The introduction of smartphones has only made it easier for people to get their drugs, and therefore it helps people get what they want, but the reason people keep wanting to gamble is because of what it represents to them. 

Looking at the middle class and working man, gambling represents how you can grab life by the neck and control it. It is a way of taking control of your destiny. For many, gambling is a call for action. They are stuck at a point in their lives where nothing seems to grow or be different, so they try to take ‘action’ in their own life. Here gambling is an easy way to assert some freedom and institute some change in their lives. As mentioned above, it is also a way of putting some distance to everyday life; this is precisely why gambling – in a sense – is important for so many. For moments throughout the day, people aren’t working, taking care of somebody else, or doing laundry – they are taking matters into their own hands and being the shepherd of their herd. 

Online Gambling Problems 

There are also downsides to online gambling and the increased convenience and availability of online gambling. For many, gambling can be managed and put on hold if the timing isn’t right or affects their economy too much. For others, this isn’t the case. That is where the increased accessibility is a problem. In a society or a world where everything is right for the taking because it is in your pocket – why shouldn’t you go for it. In Denmark, there is an institution called ROFUS. ROFUS is a nationwide organization where players voluntarily sign up to become a member. When a member, you can’t log-in or cash in any money on a casino or online casino. ROFUS is a way for organizations and countries to help compulsive gamblers take action against their disease. Organizations as ROFUS are essential entities in a society where gambling has become such an everyday activity that it seems like it doesn’t hurt or cause any problems. The fact that you sign up voluntarily makes all the difference. It isn’t forced upon the individual; it is an active choice that should seem more available to the consumer. 

Organizations that help gambling addiction should be front and center of every gambling commercial online and on TV. Like the tobacco industry has to warn users that smoking has deathly side-effects, should gambling companies at least have something declaring that gambling should be done in a fashion that doesn’t hurt financially or psychologically. The toll it takes on society is pretty high and probably more than we give it credit for. Therefore it is crucial to take action. 

The Future of Online Gambling 

As mentioned above, the industry keeps growing and growing. The future holds only growth for the online gambling industry. Technology keeps improving, and bookmakers and online casinos use an extreme amount of money to be at the forefront of the user experience and the latest smartphone trends.  

More and more gamblers will enter the bookmakers because of the smartphone’s convenience and how easy it is to be part of a community. That is a thing that is often forgotten when it comes to online gambling. It is easy to create a community around gambling because it is so related to sports. The sky’s the limit for online gambling. 

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