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How to Prepare for Cisco CCNA (200-125) Exam: Guide & Tips

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You might be wondering that when the hell we started writing about preparing for an examination.

And yeah you are correct we have never done this before. But from now on we will try to cover examination preparation tips for the exams that are related to technogeeks and computer people.

So without wasting any more of your time let’s begin.

There is no doubt in the fact that Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is seen not only as the topmost IT certificate but also as one of the most recognized and respected forms of certifications across the entire globe.

It is also considered as an important Associate level certification for the entire IT networking. This Cisco certification helps the test takers to boost their entire career with the use of higher pay and better jobs.

A CCNA certified professional with up-to-date experience and expertise is found to have better job opportunities and leverages that a simple coursework network expert cannot sustain.

The Cisco certification demonstrates the capabilities of individuals to implement, configure, manage and troubleshoot all kinds of routed and switched networks. Hence, it’s an all in all about networking and all of its essentials that really takes one to be a networking expert.

How to Prepare for Cisco CCNA (200-125) Exam

Going through the certification preparation is a hectic job. One really needs expert advice to rightly go with the preparation pace in order to get it all thoroughly. Here, maximal efforts are being put upon to give information-rich details on getting preparation guide for the CCNA 200-125  exams.

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There are some of the most important tips which the test takers need to consider before they take the certification exam. These considerations include:

Practical Experience

The test taker needs to consider both practical and theoretical knowledge to take the CCNA certification exam. During the preparation process, it is important that individuals can have an opportunity to make use of theoretical knowledge in the real-world networking and troubleshooting issues.

For instance, it’s a matter of common knowledge to be aware of that IP is insecure but the major issue is able to identify the alternative troubleshooting for communication between various nodes present on IP. So this aspect should be kept in mind to effectively prepare for the test.

Proper Material for Study

Ccna Book

CCNA preparation must need to have a gathering of proper study materials to make sure that the test taker has potential resources and material to study. The best material which a CCNA exam taker could use to pass the certification test includes the Cisco’s own books (recent editions) such as CCNA 200-125 Routing and Switching etc.

It is also recommended to use the series of “31 Days Before” which is available through the use of Cisco Press. It is important to cover all questions, practice answers and other lab exercises for the test preparation. There are several resources available on the internet too that is a freely available and provides the basic information for test preparation. One must for sure consult several resources to get other expert reviews for tests and try to follow all the guidelines that relatively applies.

Schedule Exams

The test taker must practice the timetable for the test before scheduling the exam data. The individual also needs to set the deadline and checks what he/she has learned in that time period. The test taker will also be able to explore the areas which need improvement.

For this iterative approach, candidates should keep the knowledge fresh and mind tracked with all essential study material for the tests. One should have a proper plan to follow up the coursework and cover all the crucial topics for the certifications.

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Refresh Knowledge


It is also highly recommended that Cisco Press books should be re-read over and over again in order to make sure that the test taker is completely able to refresh the memory before giving the actual exam.

It will also be a helpful tip to identify any of the important concepts that candidates might have missed otherwise at the first time. The last weeks before the exam must be completely dedicated to resolving various questions as well as to find out new questions on the online mock exam platforms and on the Internet forums.

This is the most critical time when the individual will learn all the key concepts that are needed to make the basis for the CCNA certifications.

Time to Relax


Over-stressing can never result in positive outcomes. The test taker should not be involved in excessive preparation before the test day; he/she should have a good night sleep to feel refreshed and rested and for the actual exam day.

It is important to take a deep breath and relax. An individual who has received a nice sleep and proper rest can focus on the exam details and pass even the complicated test with flying colors especially with the help of PrepAway Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 Practice Test.

Key Ideas to Remember

Comprehensive in Nature

The very important idea which the CCNA 200-125 exam taker should keep in mind is that CCNA is complete comprehensive in nature and it can include a wide range of questions on various topics which are based on TCP/ IP studies and so on. It could also include topics ranging from routing protocols to spanning trees.

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For that reason, the test taker should read as much as possible because the exam might seem to be really complicated. For that purpose, it is also highly recommended that the focus should be merely based on the ICDN which is helpful as it serves the basis for many types of tests required for the CCNA 200-125 exams.

It is also useful for the candidate to pass all kinds of breadth and length of given topics. So that having all essential knowledge on the subject may facilitate to address all the required sections of the test sections.

Quick Exam

The CCNA certification exam is also seen to be completely quick in time as it includes about 50 to 60 questions and lasts almost 90 minutes. Despite enough time, most of the questions require significant time and it can be really stressful to complete all these questions within an hour and a half.

So keeping focused and smartly attempting all the sections is a key to success mainly.

Good luck!

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