How to find & select Best Custom ROM for your Android Device


As we know that for some Android Devices there is a number of Custom ROMs available. It is very important to find & select the best among them. So in this post, we are going to discuss how to find & select best Custom ROM for your Android Device.

Where to find & how to select Best Custom ROM for your Android Device

Popular Android Forums

Xda Developers

Most of the developers post their cooked ROMs on major & popular forums websites like XDA Developers, Android Central, etc. You can search those forums by entering your device model in the search box. In this way, you will be able to find out some of the best custom ROMs available in the market.

Google it


If you are unable to find ROMs on Android forums websites, then open Google and search for Custom ROM ‘Your device name/model’. This will happen in the worse case scenario.

If you find a custom ROM for your Android device on a third-party website, then make sure to check out user comments because in many cases the ROMs that are published are not working and may brick your phone. 

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

There are dedicated device specific Facebook Groups available. In these type of groups, users are very active, and you will be able to find lots of stuff regarding your device there. You can also get help if you encounter any problem or you can help somebody who is having a problem.

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Bonus: Here are names of some of the best-known ROMs in the Android market:

  1. Android Ice Cold Project (AICP)
  2. Resurrection Remix
  3. Lineage OS (Formerly known as CyanogenMod)
  4. Tesla
  5. Paranoid Android
  6. Android Open Kang Project(AOKP)

Things to keep in mind while picking a Custom ROM

  • Android Version: You have to select the ROM which has the latest Android Version or at least a better version that you have currently on the stock ROM.
  • Check Screenshots: Never forget to check screenshots of the ROM to have a better idea about its User Interface and to check whether it meets your requirements or not.
  • Good features and MODs: The ROM which you are selecting must have good features as compared to other ROMs and some tweaked settings with MODs. You can find these details in the features section of Custom ROM page.
  • Great user reviews: You have to search for the reviews of that ROM in the thread that reviews are whether positive or not. Good ROMs have very less negative reviews. If your ROM is posted on some reputed forums, then it will be quite easy to find out what the users are thinking about that ROM.
  • No Bugs: Selected ROM should not have any critical bug. It is okay if it has minor bugs. But it is very good to have no bug at all.
  • Pre-rooted: As you have already voided your device warranty by installing Custom ROM, it is good to have a pre-rooted custom ROM. This is not very much important.
  • The reputation of the Developer: If you are using reputed Android forums websites like XDA Developers, Android Central, etc. You can easily find the reputation and work of developer from their profile page.
  • Update frequency: Update frequency is crucial while selecting a ROM because as frequently it will update more features and bug fixes will be done. You can find how frequently it updates from Change-log in the ROM thread.

The Final Verdict

There is nothing like perfect ROM. It is highly dependent upon the requirement of the User and his likes/dislikes. Every ROM has its importance and downsides. Users can try flashing multiple ROMs to find the ROM which is suitable and best for them.

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