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The Impact of Virtual Reality on The Online Gaming Industry

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Today, you can play your favorite casino games under the sea, in the galaxy, or even in the Sahara desert, without being to those places. Instead, the site comes to you.

It gets crazier in video games. The events are simulated in your mind, such that you become part of those events. Whether it’s a shooting spree or fighting zombies, you are right there, in a new world that has nothing close to reality. There are even more cases, and the possibilities are endless.

That’s Virtual Reality, or VR, as we often call it, for you. But these are just but a few examples of how the technology has influenced gaming. But how much is this impact? And how has it affected the progress and the overall growth of the online gaming industry?

Online gaming, whether video games or gambling, is a top beneficiary of VR. The transformation has been massive. Perhaps, more prominent than we could ever imagine. Let’s have a look.

Improved Video Games Quality, Quantity & Experience

The video game sub-sector of the industry is one of the fastest-growing. According to reports, it will click $300 billion in value by 2025, with over 2.5 billion gamers and billions of dollars in profit. While mobile gaming drives most of this growth, a considerable part is courtesy of innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Gaming, and VR Gaming.

1. Thrilling Experience

Once the seed of virtual reality started blooming, it becomes the second nature of video games. VR delivers a new gaming experience, which is hotly pursued but only hindered by economic factors.

As intimated earlier, space can be delivered around you, by just wearing the VR headsets. You can take adventurous trips to the world of zombies & other deadly characters. VR technology connects you as the gamer to the game, like no other technology has before.

Virtual reality technology also has broken the boundaries of reality, providing an immersive, quality, and collaborative gameplay. The stimulation that gamers experience in VR video games is quite similar to dreams, except that they are not dreaming.

2. More Games and Options

Game developers work around the clock to meet the increasing demand for VR games. You could choose the athletic VR games instead of going to the field. You could even play football without actually stepping on the pitch. You will not have only saved your leg from breaking as you risk in the actual contact sports, but you will also have had an exhilarating experience.

Gamers also have an option to play popular video games or go to the virtual reality mode, which needs them to have the headgears and headphones. Even the devices have advanced. For instance, PlayStation also has PlayStation®VR.  

More Options for Sports Punters

3D Virtual reality would not play much in sports betting unless the punters want to watch the matches they have wagered on. It can, however, make much impact on betting on live events where players can gamble as they watch the games. Nevertheless, most bookmakers already host virtually reality events you can wager on in the name of fantasy sports. These events include football, cricket, baseball, golf, horse racing, hockey, tennis, and many others. All these events mimic real-life events and occur in a virtual setting.

Remember, these matches don’t exist in real-life games. But they are the work of creative art and science. With their help, Bookmakers have more events to providing their clients with expanded betting opportunities.


Gambling on real-life events can be tricky. For example, in online cricket betting, how many times have events been canceled due to inclement weather? Virtual Reality events do not suffer such challenges.

In line with VR, augmented reality (AR) is also worth mentioning if we are going to talk about sports and betting. AR provides the possibility to instant stats about players and teams, making punters make informed decisions. All a gambler has to do is point the team and get the stats they need. Also, they will get instant odd changes, which makes betting online more convenient.

Virtual Reality Casinos

In the gambling industry, casinos are likely to benefit the most. They appear to be ahead of their sportsbook counterparts. Already some casino game developers have adopted the VR technology and developed VR slots, and more will follow. We also have Virtual Reality casinos, which most of us in the gaming world, believe is the next frontier for growth in the industry.

VR now delivers what most casinos have been struggling to do, marrying the convenience of online casinos and atmosphere at the brick-and-mortar casinos. We all agree that live dealing isn’t the best version of what anyone traditional casino frequenter would expect. The live-streaming is more of a video conference.

With VR technology, casinos can create a virtual casino atmosphere around you, making you enjoy every moment as though you are the casino. It only isolates the environment around you can create an entirely different one.

And casinos are not taking time to cash in. Some are already using VR technology to host tournaments, for instance, HTC and IGT, to create “Virtual Zones” at a brick-and-mortar casino. Guess where the first one went live? The Sin City, at Boyd Gaming’s The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

Slots Million also had its first 3D VR Casino. Others in this VR adoption crazy include 888 and William Hill, with a lot more to come.

As for the games, Slots lead the pack. There are VR Slots already in the market. We, however, love to also VR table games like roulette, blackjack, and other classic games. With what we have seen already, nothing is impossible. Maybe soon, we will be able to walk around the virtual game lobby, sample games, and play them

Virtual Reality Online Poker Rooms

There’s nothing yet about VR Online poker rooms. But the industry is pregnant with hope the technology has something for the millions of Texas Hold ’em and Omaha funs on the internet too. Such a move would mean you would be able to see your opponent or even read their mind, like it all happen in the poker room.

Live streaming of poker events is something that has gained prominence, with the likes of 888Poker creating a name for themselves. There have also been 3D Video Poker, which also enjoys a considerable following. But VR will deliver a new and better experience. It will be a significant hit.

3 Factors that Hinders Virtual Reality Mass Adoption in Gaming

Virtual reality has made tremendous progress, but it is still not yet there. A few elements are holding it back, which includes:

Costs: The VR headsets are great to use in games, but are very expensive. For example, the Oculus headset works with an Oculus-ready PC or console, which isn’t also cheap. So on top of its over $500 price tag, you need a PC that costs close to $1,000. Some go as high as $2,000. So, you spend all that money just to play games, which you as well do in with your current game console. The average consumer doesn’t find a compelling reason to acquire one. Plus, they are not easily accessible, even if you have the money.


Ugly design:  Wearing a VR headset isn’t cute; it is way too bulky and doesn’t reflect the look of modern gadgets. When you put it on, you look more like a welder, not like a classy piece of device. The bulkiness ought to reduce. The good news is HTC is already working on the Vive Project Proton concept headset, which will look a lot more modern.

Content: VR still has very few games. Even if you sacrifice your hard-earned money to buy it, you won’t have as much value as you have with the conventional game consoles. VR is in dire need of high-quality content 360-degree videos & 3D as an essential factor to mass user adoption. We know VR is thrilling, so we want those fascinating experiences.

Final thoughts

Technology and innovation move fast. The clouds of dust never settle, before the next big thing emerges. In this case, everything is apparent – virtual reality is the future.

Virtual Reality and its ilk are no longer threatening to take over the flat-screen gaming. We have a taste of what the future may be. We’ve already seen a couple of casino games that show the potential of the technology. It’s like digging in our own imagination and laying it bear in reality.

The online gaming has changed for the better, with even brick-and-mortar casinos getting a lifeline with the HTC and IGT virtual zones. All these mark the genesis.

But there’s a potential for more. If the headset design improves, the headset becomes widely available at a fair rate, and the number of games increased, then we are moving into an entirely new gaming universe.

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