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21 Best Apps for Kids [Android + iPhone]

The emergence of the internet, smartphones, and apps enable us to engage our kids in fun learning. There are hundreds of applications that are primarily developed for kids. From educational apps to games, you will find a wide range of apps suitable for small children.

These apps are designed to ignite creativity in your child. It offers them a fun and exciting way of learning and exploring new things.

If you are looking for the best apps for kids, you are in the right place. In this post, we will suggest some of the most popular apps for kids that are trusted by millions of parents.

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List of Best Apps for Kids

1. Duolingo


Now you can help your kids learn different languages most easily. Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps out there. With the help of this app, you can learn different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, etc. It provides you with mini lessons that help you to both learn and have fun. It helps you to learn basic phrases, sentences, and new words daily. The best thing is you can use this app for free.

2. YouTube Kids

Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids is an app developed just for kids. It was created to offer kids a contained environment filled with family-friendly videos. Your kids can use this app to find videos on various topics to fuel their inner creativity and playfulness. YouTube Kids is made to provide a safer online experience for kids. The app also has parental controls that allow you to customize your child’s experience. Using the flagging option, you can always mark inappropriate content. Flagged videos are reviewed 24/7 to make the app safe for kids.

3. ClassDojo


ClassDojo enables you to build an amazing classroom community. It is a safe communication app designed for students, teachers, and parents. With the help of this learning app, teachers can encourage students to learn teamwork and improve their skills. The app allows parents to be a part of their child’s classroom for an enhanced experience. With this app, students can add their classwork to their digital portfolios for their parents to see. In short, ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom environment for students.

4. ABCmouse.com


ABCmouse is an award-winning learning app covering important subjects such as art, math, music, and more. This app is suitable for kids ages 2 to 8. With over 10,000+ learning activities, this is one of the best educational apps you will find for your kids. It offers a full standards-based curriculum for learning on mobile devices. It has 10 levels, 10,000+ individual learning activities, and over 850 lessons. With the help of this app, you can boost your child’s development of early math skills and literacy. 

5. Epic


Epic is the best online reading platform developed for kids. This app is best suited for kids 12 years of age and under. This is a fun, safe, and interactive app available for small children. It is designed to ignite curiosity and reading confidence in your kids. It helps them to freely explore their interests, with instant access to the app’s library. There are thousands of books, videos, and audiobooks available on the app. The app has 2 versions, including Epic Unlimited and Epic Basic.

6. Crossword Puzzle Free

Crossword Puzzle Free

If your kid loves a little puzzle game, then you can give him/her the Crossword Puzzle Free app. It comes with tons of free puzzles, while new ones are added every day. The best thing about the app is that it lets you play offline. This puzzle game is designed to brush up your child’s brain. Not just that, but it can also help them to improve theirs. The app offers daily puzzles in various languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.

7. PBS Kids Games

Pbs Kids Games

PBS Kids Games brings you hundreds of educational games for free. This app is primarily designed for kids to help them learn and have fun at the same time. This is a kids-safe app with some great features. The app allows you to download games and play any time on your device. To keep things interesting, new games are added every week. It offers 200+ free curriculum-based games for kids ages 3 to 8. This includes science games, math games, reading games, art games, and more.

8. Read Along

Read Along

Read Along is a speech-based reading tutor app that is developed for children aged 5 and above. It is a free and fun app to use. With this app, you can help your kids improve their reading skills in English and other languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, and more. The app also comes with a friendly assistant named “Diya”, who listens to children when they read. She offers real-time positive feedback to help you get better.

9. Lightbot: Code Hour


Lightbot: Code Hour is yet another interesting app meant for kids. If you want your kids to start learning programming from an early age, then this is the app you need. It helps your child to learn programming in the most fun way. Lightbot introduces programming to kids who have no idea about it. This is an all-age-friendly app with real programming logic. It is a programming puzzle game that uses game mechanics in programming concepts. The full version of the app has 50 levels.

10. ScratchJr


ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that helps young kids create interactive games and stories. This app allows kids to snap graphical programming blocks to make characters jump, dance, move and sing. Not just that, but they can also modify the characters in the paint editor. This is a popular programming language that is used by millions of people around the globe. If you want your child to learn the concept of programming from an early age, then ScratchJr seems like the best app for the purpose.

11. Nick Jr. – Shows & Games

Nick Jr. - Shows &Amp; Games

Nick Jr. is a kid-friendly app that offers dozens of exciting kids’ shows to watch. It features popular shows such as the PAW Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and more. The app is free to download and provides excellent content for kids. From educational games to shows to original videos, the app has got many entertaining things for kids. With this app, you can watch Nick Jr. episodes for free. 

12. Toca Hair Salon 4

Toca Hair Salon 4

Toca Hair Salon 4 is a creative app perfect for children. It is a realistic hair salon app that allows your kid to create different looks. They can choose a character from dozens of looks and customize them as per their wish. The app has a collection of awesome styling tools that enables your kids to create the exact look they want. You can also change the clothes and style of your character. It is a highly intersecting game that your kid will love to play.

13. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is the ideal app to prepare your child for pre-school. It helps develop the key skills required in spelling, math, writing, reading, and problem-solving. Besides that, it also gives knowledge on science and nature, and creative arts. The app offers many puzzles and reasoning that will encourage kids to open up their minds to solve the problems independently. For overall development, this app is perfect for kids.

14. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123S

If you are looking for an app full of activities, games, and videos, then Elmo Loves 123s could be the best choice for your child. With the help of this fun app, you can teach your child about counting and numbers. The app is packed with many exciting features that will retain the interest of kids. One of the best things about this app is the tracker that helps you monitor what your child is learning.

15. HOMER Learn & Grow

Homer Learn &Amp; Grow

The next best app we have is HOMER Learn & Grow. This is an early learning program app that helps kids build skills for life and school. Using this app can help boost your kid’s confidence. It offers many interactive lessons, activities, and stories personalized by age, skill level, and interests. It provides the most effective way for your child to learn and grow. It offers kid-friendly navigation so that they don’t find the app difficult to use. Best of all, the app has no ads.

16. Stack the States

Stack The States

This is possibly the easiest way to teach your kids about the 50 states. It allows kids to learn about the states in the form of a colorful and dynamic game. With the help of this app, your kids can learn the state capitals, geographic locations, flags, and more. To keep things interesting, the app rewards you with a random state for every level you complete. The app also offers hundreds of unique questions, an interactive map, and 50 state flash cards.

17. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

Moose Math By Duck Duck Moose

Moose Math is possibly the best app for learning maths for kids. It teaches basic maths, including addition, sorting, subtraction, geometry, and more. To make things more interesting for kids, it offers 5 multi-level activities. Not just that, but kids can also earn rewards to help build their city and decorate buildings. This app is best suited for kids between the age group of 5 and 7.

18. Barefoot World Atlas 

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas comes with an interactive 3D globe that allows children to explore and discover our rich planet. With the help of this app, you can teach your kids about the different places in the world. This app is designed to provide an immersive experience. The good thing is that the app supports multiple languages. You can use this app to teach your kids fascinating facts about regions, countries, oceans, and cities around the world.

19. Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn is one of the most popular apps made for kids. It features a bouncing barn and friendly farm animals to play with your little one. This app is suitable for toddlers. You can use this app to keep them engaged while learning more about farm animals and their sounds. Kids will love guessing the animals by sound. The app supports multiple languages, so your kid can learn in his/her language. With the help of this app, you can help your child develop early literacy skills.

20. Goodness Shapes

Goodness Shapes

This is yet another app that is great for preschoolers and toddlers. It helps your kid to learn about different colors, shapes, and patterns through unique challenges. The activities offered by the app include sorting, matching, and other fun games. Goodness Shapes is designed to give a relaxed experience with endless fun. The app has 12 fun challenges, endless play patterns, and no in-app purchases or ads.

21. Number Run

Number Run

Lastly, we have Number Run, which helps little kids practice math. However, this app can also be used by adults to stay sharp. This unique app helps you to learn math in a fun way. It features 52 levels across division, addition, multiplication, and subtraction. The app is also aligned to common state standards. There are two modes available, including the Training Mode and the Endless Mode.

We have included all types of apps for kids in the post. With these apps, you can prepare your kids for pre-school and also sharpen their early literacy skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the Best App for Learning Foreign Languages?

The best app to learn foreign languages is Duolingo. It offers language lessons in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. The best thing about this app is that it is available for free.

What are the Best Apps for Kids to Learn Math?

There are plenty of apps for kids that can help your child learn basic math. But the best ones are Number Run and Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose. These apps are not just educational, but it offers an easy way to learn about numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, etc.

Is There Any App to Teach Kids About Shapes?

Teaching your kids about different shapes is important. But you can do it in a fun way with Goodness Shapes. This app helps kids to learn about different shapes, colors, and more.

What is Lightbot: Code Hour?

Lightbot: Code Hour is an app for kids that help them learn about programming. It is presented in the form of a game whose mechanics require using programming logic to solve levels.

Is YouTube Kids Good for Children?

YouTube Kids is primarily made for small children. It offers tons of entertaining and educational videos for your kids to watch. The app offers only family-friendly videos, so you have nothing to worry about.

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