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Urby Slim Wallet Review: The Wallet Everyone Should Know About

Everything is getting slimmer whether it is related to technology or the physical stuff like wallets. Personally speaking, I like wallets which are slim and can easily be slipped into the pocket as I only have 3-5 cards and cash in my wallet. And I think that’s enough things that you will need in your pocket on-the-go.

From the past year, I was using the American Tourister Wallet as my daily driver but recently I made a switch to Urby Slim Wallet. Thanks to Urby for sending one awesome custom wallet :D right to my home.

PS: It’s been 2 years since I am using it and surprisingly it is still as good as new without any wrinkles or any sign of wear out of leather.

Urby Slim Wallet Box

I loved the wallet design and especially the custom name that can be printed on your wallet. So without wasting any more of your time. Let’s get onto the part where I will tell you all about the wallet and my experience.

Urby Slim Wallet Review: The Wallet Everyone Should Know About

Before beginning to talk about the product itself it’s always good to know beforehand the background and details about the company.

Urby Introduction

Urby is a brand which is launched recently which aims to provide quality products like Wallets, Jewellery Box, Passport Holder, Watch Case, and many other travel accessories. They majorly focus on providing a good price to the quality ratio as compared to some of the other brands in India. Urby may not produce the cheapest items but their price lives up to the expectation from the customers.

Look and Appearance

The first and foremost thing that matters in almost every item you purchase is how it will look and what impact will it make in the public place. No wonder that you will love the Slim Wallet.

It is because it is very slick and purely casual. Urby allows you to inscribe your name/initials or anything of your choice on the wallet. This makes it look even more premium as it is customized especially for you.

Urby Slim Wallet

On the other hand, when it comes to branding the wallet, Urby is very minimalistic you will find a small letter carved in the corner with Urby written. So basically it won’t get noticed and I prefer it that way. (I love dbrand for smartphone skins to remove branding from phone)

PS: The Above Photo Also Contains Urby Keychain


This purely depends on user needs. There are lots of options available in the slim wallets. A heavy user who needs more things in the wallet can choose the one having more pockets while a minimalistic user like me can choose the one with the least number of pockets.

Overall the usability is on par with all other premium wallets by American Tourister, Peter England, etc. and the design is practical for everyday use.


As marketed by the Urby the Slim Wallet is made up of pure leather material and you can smell it right away when you unbox it. I have used only it for a couple of days but I am damn sure that it can easily battle against the wear and tear from regular use.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a wallet that is affordable as well as doesn’t compromise on the design and quality then you can give it a try.

We hope that we have covered every aspect that you will need before buying Urby slim wallet. If not then let us know in the comment section below. We will help to clarify your doubts. Also if you buy the wallet, don’t forget to leave your review in the comment section.

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Mehul Boricha
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