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8 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

Sometimes, there are situations when you need to view Instagram anonymously. For example, when evaluating competitors’ content or keeping an eye on acquaintances. Viewing someone’s profile header and feed posts anonymously is not difficult. If you don’t leave any “traces,” such as likes and comments, the user won’t know that you’ve viewed their account.

Viewing stories anonymously on Instagram is more complicated. Instagram displays the viewers of a story, and the author can see who has visited their page and viewed the story at any time. One way to solve this problem is by viewing from a fake account, but there are services that can make it much faster and easier: special Instagram anonymous viewers

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Below, we will explain which services and chatbots can help you view Instagram anonymously.

List of Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers for Viewing Stories Anonymously

Anonymous viewing of Instagram stories is only possible through special services. The viewers’ list is displayed for all stories. Even if a user has more than 1,000 views, your account can still appear at the top of the viewers’ list, and they will notice it.

1. StoriesIG


Price: Free
Features: Anonymous viewing of stories, highlights, live streams, posts, avatars; anonymous content downloading.

StoriesIG is a service for anonymous viewing with an Android app called “StoriesIG” (it allows you to view and download stories for free and anonymously). Additionally, you can download posts (even carousel posts), live streams, pinned stories, and profile photos.


  • Available as both a cloud service and a mobile app.
  • Helps download not only stories but also posts.
  • Allows you to download user avatars.


Contains advertisements.

2. IGAnony


Price: Free
Features: Anonymous viewing of stories, anonymous content downloading.

The IGAnony service helps download any media files from Instagram for free, including stories. It works on all popular browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. Users of Android smartphones and tablets can install the service’s app and download stories to their devices in just a few clicks.


  • Free service.
  • Has a mobile app.
  • No registration or Instagram account required.


  • Only views stories.

3. GramSnap


Price: Free
Features: Anonymous viewing of stories, posts; anonymous content downloading.

GramSnap service provides anonymous viewing of stories on Instagram. The functionality is completely free, but it contains advertisements. You can also anonymously download both posts and stories, as well as avatars.


  • Free service.
  • No registration required.


  • Contains Advertisements

4. InstaSuperSave


Price: Free
Features: Anonymous viewing of stories, profile headers; anonymous content downloading.

InstaSuperSave is a simple and user-friendly service that helps you anonymously view stories on Instagram. If desired, you can save them to your device. Along with stories, it displays the user’s profile header, which can also be copied and saved. Accounts can be added to “Favorites” for quick access.


  • Free service without registration.
  • Fully shows the user’s profile header.


  • Long loading time.
  • Does not display current stories.

List of Best Anonymous Instagram Viewers for Viewing Highlights Anonymously

Highlights are stories grouped into collections. Typically, highlights consist of stories from the archive that users choose to pin to their profile. For such stories, the view count is no longer tracked, so many people already view them anonymously from their own profiles without using any special services or apps.

However, new stories published within the last 24 hours can also be added to highlights. For these stories, views are still counted, so there is a possibility of being noticed. To avoid such situations, it is better to use anonymous viewing services.

1. iGrab


iGrab is an online service for anonymous viewing on Instagram. Here, you can view and download any content from an Instagram account, including highlights and profile descriptions.


  • Completely free service.
  • No registration required.
  • Accessible on all devices and browsers.
  • Available in 14 languages.


  • It does not provide the ability to track new highlights.

2. Instavisor


Instavisor is a service with a simple and straightforward functionality. Just enter the username, and you will see the user’s stories, feed posts, and pinned stories. You can also download the viewed content to your device.


  • Free service.
  • Fast loading.
  • No registration required.


  • Unable to view Reels.

List of Best Anonymous Instagram Viewers for Viewing Instagram Profiles Anonymously

Tracking profile visitors goes against Instagram’s privacy policy. A user can see how many people have viewed their profile through the statistics of a business account. However, they cannot see the pages or usernames of profile visitors.

Nevertheless, there are numerous services and apps that claim to show profile visitors for a fee. Some of these are created by scammers, while others collect information about those who like, comment, and view stories, and present them as profile visitors.

To guarantee anonymous Instagram viewing, it is better to use dedicated services.

1. InstaStoriesViewer


InstaStoriesViewer is a service for anonymous profile viewing. Its functionality is limited to viewing stories, recent posts, current live streams, and active stories at the time of viewing.

The viewed content can be downloaded to your device, but posts in InstaStoriesViewer are displayed cropped, with a 1:1 aspect ratio.


  • Displays the entire profile, including the bio.
  • User interface resembles Instagram.


  • Only displays the last 12 posts.
  • Unable to view the list of followers and followings.
  • Does not show Reels unless they have been previewed in the feed.

2. Dumpor


Unlike other anonymous Instagram viewing services, Dumpor not only shows media files but also displays the number of likes, comments, hashtags, geotags, and posts in which the user has been tagged. It is one of the few helpers that allows anonymous monitoring of any public activity in a profile.


  • No registration required.
  • Displays comments and likes on posts.
  • Available in over 20 languages.
  • Shows the user’s followers and followings.


  • Long loading time.

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So these were the Best Anonymous Instagram Viewing Services that you can use to view profile pictures, videos, reels, photos, highlights and much more without even signing up for Instagram. If you are using any other alternatives that are better than the ones we mentioned in the article, do let us know using the comment section below!

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