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The Best Free Cloud Storage Services You Should Know About

As we know that nowadays we need our data on the go via the internet. Other than that there are many bloggers who are having Technology blogs especially Android Rooting and ROMs. They want to host some files which they can share publicly with the visitors. Getting a free cloud storage is a very easy thing but getting a quality cloud storage service for free is still a question. So in this post, we are going to discuss best free cloud storage service in depth so you can understand it’s benefits and quality of service.

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Best Free Cloud Storage Service

Google Drive

You may find it surprising but we consider Google Drive to be the best among free cloud storage. One of the reasons for being our favorite is that it is very reliable.

You can download any files at the maximum speed because Google is the biggest tech giant in the internet world and so are their servers.

Also, the other major benefit is that if you have an android device and google account you can easily manage all of your things there. Google drive can easily be integrated with several applications to make it even more useful.

File Versioning is also supported. You will get 15GB of free storage. If you want more storage on your Drive then let us know, we know a trick to extend it for free ;P.

PS: You can also use Google Photos to backup unlimited photos and videos in high quality. This usage will not be deducted from your google drive.



Yes, here I am talking about MediaFire. It is the best cloud storage service which I founded across the web. So let’s discuss why?

Why choose MediaFire?

  • Available for free
  • Free 10 GB space – After signing up with MediaFire you will get 10 GB of free online cloud storage. Not only that but you can expand it up to 50 GB by referring MediaFire to your friends and by sharing it on social networks.Cloud Storage Service
  • Instant uploads – When you upload any file to MediaFire, first it searches for the same file on their server. If that file is uploaded by any user which is stored on their server, the directly upload it from there within a second. Hence your bandwidth and time are saved.Cloud Storage Service
  • Multiple uploads – You can also upload multiple files to MediaFire.
  • Upload from the web – If you want to upload the file which is available on the internet. You can upload it without downloading it to your computer. This can save a lot of bandwidth and also time.
  • High upload speed
  • User-friendly download – Users can easily download files without waiting for a second on MediaFire without entering the captcha.  The user has to fill captcha in the only case then MediaFire detects suspicious activity.
  • File updates and revision –  Let us consider that you have uploaded a software and shared it at all places you wanted to. After few days you have found that there is an update available. Now you have to share that new upload link to all places again. But in MediaFire, you can update the data without changing data URL. Not only this you can also view the old five revisions.
  • Highly Flexible – If you wanted to rename the uploaded file after you have shared it’s linked to many places. You can rename it without hesitation because the old shared link will automatically redirect to the new one.
  • Media Streaming – Anyone who has shared the link to any media file can easily listen to music or watch any video directly without downloading it.
  • Online document management
  • MediaFire Express- MediaFire Express lets you place your files into the cloud with a single click on your desktop. It lets you manage cloud files like local storage and keep synchronizing. MediaFire express is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • MediaFire mobile app – MediaFire mobile app lets you manage your cloud files easily with your phone.
  • Very smart and easy user interface – MediaFire file manager is very easy to use and very user-friendly. You will feel like you are managing your file like file explorer in windows. ;)
  • Highly secured – MediaFire uses TLS 1.2 128-bit SSL encryption which is the highly secured mode of remote connection.
  • Statistics – In the settings menu, you can monitor the total number of downloads, total bandwidth usage, and online storage usage. Though you need to buy a Biz plan to see the individual file statistics.Cloud Storage Service
  • Social login – You can directly login to MediaFire without using your Email address and password directly through Facebook or Twitter.Cloud Storage Service
  • MediaFire Developers API

So that’s it. Now stop thinking about any other cloud solutions. Go to MediaFire from the below link and Sign up for free.

Ezoic Banner


It started a long time ago and from then DropBox is giving 2GB free storage. This might seem very little but their service is damn good.

For example using their API and apps you can connect it to perform a backup on your server and remotely upload it to Dropbox. This can come in quite handy in several situations.

Moreover, you can earn 16GB free storage by connecting your social media accounts, installing desktop application and by referring your friends to sign up for DropBox.

The only downside of the DropBox is that only 20GB of download from the shared link is allowed on free accounts. If your usage goes beyond that limit then they will temporarily suspend the links. Get a Dropbox Account Now!

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