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5 Best Instagram Story Saver Apps for Android

Instagram has evolved into a leading social media platform in the past decade. Over the years, the platform has added numerous features to improve its performance and functionality.

One popular Instagram feature is called “Story.” Instagram stories are temporary posts that last only for 24 hours. The story will disappear once the time limit is over.

The platform doesn’t allow you to download stories. The same is valid with videos and reels on the platform. Despite being one of the top social media apps, Instagram lacks a built-in option for downloading stories and reels.

Luckily, there are plenty of third-party apps to overcome this limitation. A story-saver app can help you download your favorite stories and reels on your device. In this article, we will cover some of the best options.

Top Instagram Story Saver Apps

1. Video Downloader for Instagram (FastSave)

Video Downloader For Instagram (Fastsave)

FastSave makes downloading Instagram stories a breeze. Users can also use this app to download reels, videos, and photos from the platform. It is a free app that helps you to download and save your favorite Instagram posts for offline viewing. Unlike other apps, it can download multiple photos and videos at the same time.

Besides the downloading feature, FastSave can generate relevant hashtags and create attractive captions for your Instagram posts. Additionally, it offers templates to post stories and reels. You can also use it to remove backgrounds from your photos, add frames to your profile picture, and create grids.

2. Insaver


Insaver is a user-friendly app that comes in handy when downloading videos, photos, stories, and reels from Instagram. If you like an Instagram post, copy the URL and share it with the app, and it will auto-download the file immediately. 

This app can also be used to view and save profile pictures. Additionally, it helps you to save highlights from the profiles of other Instagram users. 

3. Repost For Instagram

Repost For Instagram

As the name suggests, this app helps you to repost Instagram videos and photos without watermarks. It can also be used to save and download Instagram photos on your device.

With Repost, you don’t need to leave Instagram. Just click on the share button, select the app, and let the app do the rest. Reposting videos and photos to your Instagram feed takes just two clicks. It allows you to set your signature for your Instagram posts.

4. Story Saver & Story Downloader

Story Saver &Amp; Story Downloader

With this app, you can download Instagram posts in HD quality. It lets you quickly save your favorite Instagram stories and videos on your phone. The downloaded files get saved in your phone’s gallery for easy access.

It lets you add Instagram users to your favorite list to access their stories quickly. You can also use Insta Story & Feed Downloader for reposting purposes. It lets you repost any Instagram post you like. With this app, you can conveniently search stories of other users and save them to your phone.

5. Story Downloader – Video Saver

Story Downloader - Video Saver

Story Downloader can download photos and videos from Instagram in seconds. You can also use it to save stories and reels of other users. It offers smooth operation; copy and paste the post URL, and you are done. It will automatically download the selected post to your device.

Downloading Instagram stories and other posts has become much easier with these apps. You can save your favorite Instagram post to yourself without fearing the posts getting deleted from the platform. The good thing is that all the apps mentioned in this post are free but with ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I download Instagram stories?

To download Instagram stories, you can use third-party apps or online services specifically designed for this purpose.

Are there any official methods to download Instagram stories?

Instagram has not introduced an official method to download Instagram stories.

Is it legal to download someone else’s Instagram story?

Downloading someone else’s Instagram story without their permission is not illegal. However, it may infringe on their privacy rights, so it is generally not recommended.

Can I download my own Instagram story?

Yes, you can download your Instagram story using third-party apps or the official Instagram app.

Can I download Instagram stories from private accounts?

Downloading stories from private accounts may not be possible, as their content is limited to their approved followers only.

Is it safe to use Instagram story saver apps?

It is generally safe to use Instagram story saver apps. Make sure that you use a reliable app for the task.

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