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5 Best iPhone XR Battery Cases You Can Buy Right Now

In 2018, Apple introduced the next generation of its newer full-screen retina displays with FaceID with three new iPhones – the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. These came with little design and internal upgrades. However, Apple made it clear that with wireless charging now being a standard feature on all the iPhones, they will never be the metal-encased devices, but rather feature glass backs for generations to come.

Also, even after Apple did improve the batteries on these devices by a manifold, it is always a better option to get a battery case instead of carrying a bulky power bank and charging cords everywhere. This is why we have compiled a list of the best battery cases for iPhone XR.

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List of Best iPhone XR Battery Cases

1. Ampr Battery Case

Ampr Iphone Xr Battery Case

The Ampr battery case increases your iPhone XR’s battery capacity by 5000 mAh. The case has got a nice sliding design. The top layer snatches right back up when the phone is in position. The back of the case has a power on/off button that lets you control when you want to juice up your iPhone. It also has an LED indicator that indicates how much battery percentage there is in the case.

The case comes with a lightning port and supports all lightning accessories like the EarPods and the charger. You can also sync your iPhone with your computer without having to take the case off. The case is surrounded by a solid bumper that provides 360-degree protection against drops and bumps. The case automatically knows when your iPhone is fully charged and turns itself off. It also offers over-voltage and over-current protection.

2. Alpatronix Qi Compatible Battery Case BXXR

Alpatronix Iphone Xr Battery Case

This battery case by Apatronix is compatible with Qi wireless chargers. This lets you charge your battery case with a wireless charger, while the battery case will instead charge your iPhone. The battery capacity of this battery case is 5000 mAh. The top part of the case is made up of flexible rubber that lets you snap your iPhone in place with the lightning connector on the bottom. The case also comes with an included tempered glass for protecting the front of your iPhone.

The hard shell and rubber protect your iPhone from bumps and falls. It has got raized bezels on the front to protect the display against a flat surface. The rubberized coating is very ergonomic and ensures that your phone doesn’t fall off your hands. The buttons are very tactile and responsive. Speaking about buttons, there’s also an extra one on the back to turn the charging on or off. There’s also an LED indicator that will tell you how much juice is left in the case.

3. Alpatronix Slim Qi Compatible Battery Case BXXRT

Alpatronix Iphone Battery Case Bxxrt

The BXXRT by Apatronix again is another great battery case that supports Qi wireless charging. The main highlight of this battery case is its slim profile. It also costs a little less than the BXXR. However, with the slim profile, the battery capacity also gets cut down to 3500 mAh. It still doubles up the battery capacity of your iPhone and keeps the overall form factor slim.

This one also has a power button and an LED indicator on the back that will tell you how much battery is left in the case. The case slides similarly to the other case from Apatronix and snags into the place perfectly. The back of the case is pretty flat, unlike other cases. It has a lightning port at the bottom that will let you use all the lightning accessories you have already been using with your iPhone and the Qi wireless charger.

4. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case For Iphone Xr

Of course, Apple has got its own battery case, and it’s apparently smart as well. The case is not only sleek and good looking but more than functional as well. On the inside, the soft microfiber layer protects your iPhone. The outside also has a soft silicone material that feels good in the hands. The elastomer hinge design makes it super easy to fit the case on or off your iPhone.

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Apple’s smart battery case also supports Qi wireless charging, so you can charge both your iPhone and case wirelessly without having to take the case off. One cool thing that none of the other cases have is that the smart battery case will show you the battery percentage in the notification center, home screen, and widgets.

5. Ekrist Battery Case

Ekrist Battery Case For Iphone Xr 6800 Mah

The Ekrist Battery Case is for those who really want a lot of juice to keep up with their tasks during the day. It has got a 6,800 mAh battery that increases your iPhone XR’s battery capacity by 200%. The case has raised bezels that will protect your phone from minor drops. The “no-chin” design ensures that you have a great grip on your phone, which is necessary since it will get heavy. The camera area also has a raised bezel that protects the lens.

The case’s back has got four LED light indicators that tell you how much charge is left. To start charging your phone, all you have to do is press the power button on the right of the LED indicators for 3 seconds. The battery case will begin charging your device. Repeat the same procedure to stop charging your device. The case is soft, and your iPhone will easily slide into place. The case also supports pass-through charging. Internal safe chips prevent the power case from short-circuiting, overheating, and over-charging.

Final Words

These were our top picks for the best iPhone XR battery cases. The iPhone XR is already a great phone with flagship specs but costs a little less than its high-end cousins. If you have got your hands on one and are looking for the best battery cases for your iPhone XR, we definitely recommend the beforementioned cases. Perhaps the best choice would be Apple’s official Smart Battery Case since it also has iOS integration, which none of the other cases do. But if you are looking for a slightly less expensive case, the best choice would be the Ampr and Alpatronix cases, as they are definitely a bang for the buck.

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