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15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 & Xbox One

There are bunches of Minecraft seeds available that can help you generate different game worlds that you play in. These seeds cover a wide variety of locations and beautiful views.

Once you implement a seed code, it will create a world where you can play, build, and explore.

You should check out the list below if you are looking for the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One and PS4.

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List of Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 & Xbox One

1. Infinite Glitched Ravine

Infinite Glitched Ravine

This is an exciting seed in Minecraft. It features a large village and a forest area at the spawn level. To discover the lava ravine, you will need to travel to a certain point.

In the creative mode, the lava ravine can be followed throughout the game world, as it has no end. The glitch remains even after the lava ravine grows into underwater ravines. There are numerous Amethyst Geodes on both sides of the ravine glitch.

  • Seed Code: 1669320484
  • Biomes: Forest and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: 120, 65, 184
  • Glitched Ravine Coordinates: -932, 96, -325

2. Base-Building


This seed is the combination of settling and exploration in the Minecraft world. At the spawn level, you will come across a riverside village where you will find farmers, weapon-smith, and cartographers. As beginners, you can start from this point and collect sufficient resources for your journey.

While exploring, you should check out the nearby swamp biome that has a witch hunt and a ruined portal. Beyond that, you will find deserts, mountains, and more.

  • Seed Code: 911260246
  • Biomes: Swamp, Plains, and Mountains
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: 184, 73, 232
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 248, 73, 56

3. Shipwreck Glitched Village

Shipwreck Glitched Village

This seed is probably a unique Minecraft world you will come across. At the spawn level, everything seems normal, but things get weird as you start moving toward the village. A significant portion of the village is built on a beach. It merges the beach with a house with a shipwreck.

While exploring the shipwreck, you will find two chests and a treasure map. In the village, the houses are created on varying levels. You will also locate a few farms near the small ravine.

  • Seed Code: -1981773043
  • Biomes: Taiga and Beach
  • Coordinates: 1030, 74, 180

4. Stronghold in Igloo Basement

Stronghold In Igloo Basement

This seed allows you to build in a snowy tundra environment that is near a forest. The same snowy environment has an igloo in it. Once you start exploring your surroundings, you will also come across a couple of basements.

Even the igloo has a basement, which is connected to a stronghold. To reach it, you will have to break down the shared wall. You will come across more villages in the same biome. This will help you collect additional resources for your journey.

  • Seed Code: 331476055
  • Biomes: Taiga, Forest, and Snowy Thundra
  • Coordinates: 579, 68, -339

5. Religious Village

Religious Village

This is a religious village with 5 churches, each featuring a brewing stand and cleric that will help you make the potion. The village also has two blacksmiths and two farmers. However, there’s one iron golem, and that’s why it is treated as a rare village.

Behind the village, around the crater, near the opening of a cave, you will find a lot of exposed coal and iron ores.

  • Seed Code: 413395378
  • Biomes: Forests and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: 3510, 70, 68
  • Circular Crater Coordinates: 3559, 62, -61

6. End Portal Next to Ruined Portal

End Portal Next To Ruined Portal

You should know that the nether and the end dimensions are important to finish Minecraft. With the help of this seed, you can access the gateway to both the end and the nether at the same place. While the end portal comes with two ender eyes, the ruined portal will need some work before it becomes visible.

Once you find both portals, it will help you to cut your Minecraft journey short. The only problem with this seed is that it takes a lot of time to reach this glitched location. 

  • Seed Code: 1087404325
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Coordinates: 2220, 34, 876

7. Desert Temple with Exposed Skeleton Dungeon

Desert Temple With Exposed Skeleton Dungeon

Desert temples are unsafe as they are laden with mob spawning and TNT traps. This is why you must be very careful while using this seed. On the second floor of the desert temple, you will discover a skeleton dungeon, which spawns with a skeleton spawner. 

Before entering the desert temple, you must prepare for yourself. Go to the nearby village to gather the necessary resources you need. There exist two more villages only 1000 blocks away from the temple.

  • Seed Code: -1819585431
  • Biomes: Plains and Deserts
  • Coordinates: 73, 77, 282

8. Floating Jungle Temple Minecraft Seed 

Floating Jungle Temple Minecraft Seed

This is a unique seed that spawns in a tranquil location. But if you move away from the spawn, you will find the impossible.

You will come across a floating jungle temple. None of the blocks of the temple touches the ground below it. The upper part of the temple collides with a hill, and the other side touches a tree. The temple has impressive loot.

  • Seed Code: -2075578213
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Coordinates: -385, 77, 750

9. Exposed End Portal at Spawn

Exposed End Portal At Spawn

It is very difficult to find exposed strongholds with an end portal at the spawn level. It spawns closer to a jungle, near the plains biome, with a village in it.

The village is built upon a stronghold. You can enter the stronghold through multiple locations. All you have to do is break the wall. The End Portal is separated by a few blocks from the surface. You will not encounter such a seed in Minecraft again, so make sure to lead it on your console.

  • Seed Code: -612235732
  • Biomes: Jungle, Beach, and Plains
  • Coordinates: 960, 77, -210

10. Exposed Underwater Stronghold + 3 Blacksmiths

Exposed Underwater Stronghold + 3 Blacksmiths

This world seed spawns on a not-so-big island and has a village with three blacksmiths. By exploring the village, you can collect useful resources for your journey. Once you go underwater, you will discover a stronghold near the island.

Both exposed strongholds and blacksmiths’ villages are very rare. You will also find a different island near the spawn. It has a village with a ruined portal, which looks amazing.

  • Seed Code: 542630838
  • Biomes: Plains and Beach
  • Coordinates: 1397, 68, -204

11. Village with 8 Blacksmiths

Village With 8 Blacksmiths

As you already know, Blacksmiths are the most popular type of villagers in Minecraft. This seed gives you a village with not one but 8 blacksmiths. The spawn point is at the edge of forest and taiga biomes nearby a river. In the village, you will find everything you need to start your Minecraft journey.

This is also the closest village to the spawn point, so you don’t have to travel a long distance to reach it. You will find two more villages nearby as well as a lava ravine.

  • Seed Code: 770405633
  • Biomes: Forest and Taiga
  • Main Village Coordinates: 248, 64, 88
  • Second Village Coordinates: 136, 65, -296
  • Third Village Coordinates: -280, 72, -312

12. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine

Pillager Outpost In Lava Ravine

This is one of the most amazing Minecraft seeds you will find. It comes with weird spawn locations. The Pillager Outpost is the tallest and is built on top of a lava ravine.

You can conquer the outpost by pushing mobs into the lava. You can seek help from the iron golem caged nearby by setting it free. After you are done looting the outpost, you can move to loot the lava ravine, where you will find loads of diamond ores. You may need the water bucket here.

  • Seed Code: -322003417
  • Biomes: Mountains and Dark Forest
  • Coordinates: -710, 90, 390

13. Bastion Merged with Nether Fortress

Bastion Merged With Nether Fortress

This seed is a spawn point near a large Savanna village. It has a ravine full of iron ores and a weapon smith. You will find all the tools and resources in this village. Later, you will return to this Savanna village and build a nether portal to go to the nether.

After crossing a few blocks, you will find a bastion merged with a nether fortress. It has precious chests for you to loot and collect valuable items in the game. If you can locate a stronghold, it will be highly beneficial.

  • Seed Code: -296825582
  • Biomes: Desert, Savanna, and Plains
  • Desert Village Coordinates: 941, 67, -9
  • Bastion Merged with Nether Fortress Coordinates: 42, 58, 14

14. Shipwreck and Ruins at Spawn

Shipwreck And Ruins At Spawn

This is another great Minecraft seed that we recommend loading on your console. This spawn point is on a small island where you will find great loot for your Minecraft adventure.

There’s a shipwreck on the island’s edge waiting for it to be discovered. The best thing is that it doesn’t require diving underwater to discover the most amazing locations. With the help of the treasure map, you will find the hidden treasure on the island. You can make a boat and explore the forest island.

  • Seed Code: 1911127900
  • Biomes: Ocean, Beach, and Forest
  • Cold Ruins Cluster Coordinates: 232, 68, 24
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: 216, 68, 8

15. Largest Ruined Portal at Spawn

Largest Ruined Portal At Spawn

A ruined portal near spawn always comes as a bonus in Minecraft. It not only gives you free loot but also helps you to build a nether portal. This is a unique Minecraft seed you will find.

This ruined portal is almost 10 blocks tall. You can easily build a nether portal with a diamond pickaxe and obsidian. The chest contains some magical items, along with melon slices. You will also find a Jungle temple near the spawn point, where you can find other resources.

  • Seed Code: -714082416
  • Biomes: Jungle, Mountains, and Swamp
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 8, 73, 56
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: 200, 72, 88

So these are some of the best Minecraft seeds available for PS4 and Xbox players. You can use these Minecraft seeds to spawn in the desired area.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that generates the Minecraft world you play in. To create a new world, you must use the seed to conjure up the particular place you want to explore.

How do Minecraft Seeds Work?

Minecraft seeds are generated by entering a string of characters into the “World seed” box within the game’s menu. Each seed code creates a unique world.

What is the Best Minecraft Seed for Java Edition?

Pillager Outpost Seed is one of the best Minecraft seeds for Java Edition.

What Type of Game is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a “sandbox” style game where you can roam freely and complete objectives. It features a digital interactive playground.

Is Minecraft Good for Kids?

Minecraft has educational value, which is considered good for kids. Plus, it helps enhance life skills, career skills, and school skills.

Is Set Seed Cheating? 

Setting a seed is considered cheating if you are doing a Minecraft speed run. According to the community, random seed and set seed are different speedrun categories.

Can you use Minecraft Seeds Without Cheating?

You can find the seed of a single-player Java Edition Minecraft world by opening the command console and typing “/seed”. However, the command may not work if you don’t enable cheats.

Is Seed a Command?

In Minecraft Java Edition, you can enter the command/seed to see the world’s seed. You will find this command in single-player worlds even if cheats are disabled. You can also use the Re-create option to see the seed. In the Bedrock Edition, you can find the seed on the world options screen.

How many Minecraft Seeds are Generated?

There are approximately 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 seeds generated in Minecraft. That is over 18 quintillion.

What does the F4 Key do in Minecraft?

The F4 key is used to reload chunks or cycle spectator and creative modes in the game.

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