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17 Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft offers tons of customization options to players. It allows players to do whatever they want in the sandbox environment. From farming to building, there are so many things to do in the game.

One of the best things about Minecraft is that it allows you to tweak the game’s visuals. By doing so, you can make the game look more realistic. For this, you will need Minecraft texture packs.

When it comes to texture packs, you will find hundreds of options to choose from. But some of these are better than others. In this post, we will discuss some of the best and most popular texture packs for Minecraft.

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List of Best Minecraft Texture Packs

1. MoreFPSPack


With this texture pack, you can tone down the game to get 60+ fps, which is perfect for older or low-end computers. Once you apply this pack, it will completely change the look of the game. To be precise, it will make the game look minimal.

2. Pixelate


Many players prefer this texture pack because it offers promising results. It is different from other packs as it focuses on additional objects like flowers, grass, rain, and fire. The advantage of using this pack is that it can improve the FPS performance without compromising on the visuals. With this pack, you can enjoy better FPS with a minimal Minecraft look.

3. Andorhal HD

Andorhal Hd

Next in the line, we have the Andorhal HD texture pack, which gives you a more realistic Minecraft world. Applying this pack will make the textures and colors more vibrant. The pixels are fixed at 64 x 64, which is suitable for FPS. This pack is perfect for medium-range PC users. Once you apply this pack, you will notice the difference immediately. It makes the woods more textured, the grasses richer, and new torches. You will discover more changes as you go deeper into the game.

4. AlluringBliss


If you are looking for a vibrant style texture pack, this could be the perfect choice. It applies several tiny changes to make the game look more realistic. From soil textures to the woods, everything becomes more defined. Even the sky texture looks great. With this pack, you can experience a more classical knight-styled look.

5. Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft

This is probably one of the best texture packs you can apply in your Minecraft world. This pack focuses mainly on cartoonish effects and colors. However, it makes sure that each block is identifiable individually. But you should know that this is a limited pack. It makes the game quality high by applying the cartoonish effect.

6. Star Odyssey: Beyond Space

Star Odyssey- Beyond Space

This texture pack is inspired by the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It comes with new mob skins, weird sounds, and dozens of textures. It makes the Minecraft world brighter than it usually is. However, the changes become drastic mainly during that time. To make the most of this pack, you must download Optifine.

7. Overgrowth


If you want to make the game more interesting, apply this texture pack. With this pack, you can make the game feel more realistic and darker, especially at night time. This texture pack comes with new nether, scary entities, and biome-based creepers. Other than it also offers a lot of upgrades. Unlike other texture packs, this one is updated every week. So you get to explore new items regularly.

8. John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy

This is an up-to-date Minecraft texture pack. It comes with accurate sound effects and covers weapons, netherite armor, and blocks in the game. The toned-down texture helps you to see the enemies easily. Overall, it gives you a nice, majestic feel. As a bonus, you get some funny-looking villagers.

9. Bloom


Next up, we have a retro-style Minecraft texture pack. If you want a unique texture pack, give this one a try. The only problem is that the effects are limited only to the blocks. That means it doesn’t work on other entities in the game. By applying this texture, you can experience a more vibrant retro world in a pixelated style.

10. Mythic


With the help of this texture pack, you can turn the Minecraft world into a mythical land. It feels like a medieval fantasy adventure. This texture is packed with stunning details, which can completely transform the feel and look of the game. Even the mobs look more terrifying. But the best thing about this pack has to be the item icons, which are of premium quality.

11. Classic 3D

Classic 3D

If you are looking for a 3D texture pack, your search ends here. It makes the game look interesting, but you will need high-end PCs to handle this pack. This is due to a large number of details. With the help of this pack, you can make your game look hyper-realistic. You should try out this texture pack to see how 3D textures look and feel.

12. Bare Bones

Bare Bones

Although there are several shaders, heavy-duty mods, and HD packs, players still find it challenging to run it on their Minecraft. If you have a low-end computer, bare-bones would be the best texture pack for you. It helps you smoothen everything in the game. It gives a minimal look and applies a cartoonish effect. However, it does appear as a unique aesthetic that makes the game more cheerful.

13. Jicklus


If you want to make your Minecraft game look cute, this texture pack is for you. The rustic theme of this pack is what makes it charming. It has slightly medieval-style textures that make it perfect for building cute homes and cottages in the game. Applying this pack will bring visible changes in the blocks. This pack is best suited for new players or beginners.

14. Dokucraft


This is a trendy texture pack and also one of the oldest. It features a medieval-style texture that makes it perfect for players who prefer RPG adventure. If you look at the texture carefully, you will find a lot of similarities with the John Smith pack. This texture pack is available in three types – high, dark, and light. You can choose between the packs based on your saturation and color preferences.

15. XRay Ultimate

Xray Ultimate

Most players opt for this texture pack because it allows them to see through walls. This feature comes in handy when it comes to searching for diamonds and other precious ores. However, this feature has caused many controversies. But that doesn’t affect its popularity. Using this texture pack can become a problem when playing on survival multiplayer servers.

16. Faithless


This texture pack has the charm of a rogue-like RPG game that adds a detailed retro appearance. The unique appeal of Faithless is what makes it popular among players. It features a style and vibrant colors that are perfect for the Minecraft world. This pack is suitable for players looking for something unique.

17. Better Vanilla Animals

Better Vanilla Animals

This is a simple texture pack that is highly effective. By using this pack, you can upgrade the existing vanilla Minecraft world. This is done by improving the mobs. After the pack is applied, you will see it change the texture of the animals. Additionally, it also offers variants of textures.

Hundreds of texture packs can help you tweak the appearance and feel of the Minecraft game. We suggest you start with the ones mentioned in the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Minecraft texture packs?

In simple words, Minecraft texture packs are add-ons that are used to replace the original textures of the game. By using texture packs, you can give a visual makeover to your game.

Are texture packs in Minecraft free?

The price of Minecraft texture packs depends on the edition. However, if you download the texture packs yourself, you can get them for free.

What are the best texture packs in Minecraft?

Some of the best texture packs in Minecraft are Dokucraft, Mythic, and Classic 3D.

What is the purpose of using texture packs in Minecraft?

By using texture packs, you can change the game’s original appearance. It contains a collection of files that are used to change the in-game textures of items, blocks, mobs, and the GUI.

Do texture packs reduce lag?

Many FPS-boosting texture packs prioritize FPS over textures. But the prime goal of texture packs is to reduce lag.

Do texture packs affect FPS?

Texture quality will have a significant impact on your FPS. But this is only if your system doesn’t have enough video memory available.

Do texture packs affect RAM?

Texture packs don’t impact your system RAM.

What does the Classic 3D texture pack do?

Classic 3D is a texture pack that turns the default models into more detailed and complex blocks.

What is a realistic texture pack?

AndorhalHD is a realistic texture pack in Minecraft.

Can I install the Minecraft texture pack myself?

Yes, you can download and install texture packs in Minecraft all by yourself.

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