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18 Best Minecraft Village Seeds You Should Try

Any Minecraft player will know how vital villages are in the game. Surviving in Minecraft can become arduous if you don’t find village seeds on time.

Village seeds allow you to control where you spawn. The right seed can help you find a resource-rich village. The best Minecraft village seeds bring numerous resources like weapons, armor, food, and more. Not just that, but you can also trade items with villagers whenever needed.

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We have shortlisted some of the best village seeds you will find in Minecraft.

List of Best Minecraft Village Seeds

1. Unique Savanna Village

Unique Savanna Village

This is one of the best and most unique village seeds in the Minecraft world. It allows you to spawn in an area surrounded by an icy glacier ocean. If you travel a few hundred blocks from your spawn point, you will locate the Savanna Village, near which there’s a shipwreck.

This village has two cartographers, an iron golem, many cats, and a butcher. There’s a cave opening beside the butcher’s house, where you can collect the essential resources you need.

Key Locations:

Unique Savanna Village: 291, 71, -898

  • Seed Code: -4308897156302709238

2. Island with Three Villages

Island With Three Villages

This seed could be an excellent choice if you are looking for multiple villages to spawn. This Minecraft seed takes you to an island with three villages at the spawn level. There’s also a shipwreck on the edge of the island.

All three villages have different types of villagers, including iron golems. This island is an ideal place for players looking for a resourceful base.

Key Locations:

Shipwreck: -108, 65, -121
Pillager Outpost: 239, 67, 134

  • Seed Code: -4060839488929676108

3. Desert Temples & Villages

Desert Temples &Amp; Villages

This Minecraft seed is perfect for desert lovers. It features three desert temples and 5 villages. The good thing is that all these temples and villages are closer. This makes it easier to find them.

These full-sized villages have plenty of loot. In the biome, there are multiple lava pools. After you get bored of the desert, you can explore the oceans, savanna, or plains.

Key Locations:

Village: -8, 69,-183
Desert Temple #1: 171, 65, 155
Desert Temple #2: 854, 72, 137

  • Seed Code: 8638613833825887773

4. Village with Caves, Blacksmiths, & More

Village With Caves, Blacksmiths, &Amp; More

This Minecraft village is one of the best you can get in the game. It has two blacksmiths, a cleric, a mason, and several leather workers and farmers. This village has everything you need.

This village has 7 cave openings near the coal and iron ores. If you search the caves, you will find diamonds. You will locate a ruined portal a few blocks from the spawn point. Near the ruined portal, there’s a Taiga biome with lava sources.

Key Locations:

Village: 251, 66, -173
Doomed Portal: -374, 64, -271

  • Seed Code: -2998950669524933859

5. Hidden Ice Village

Hidden Ice Village

The overall world may seem general. But if you travel far enough, you will realize the uniqueness of this seed.

Thousands of coordinates away from the spawn point, you will locate a village on top of a snowy mountain. This village has farmers and houses on top and mountains in the between. The scenic view of the village is fantastic. It’s hard to find another village seed like this one.

Key Locations:

Village: -28812, 76, 14596

  • Seed Code: -4919525955627568481

6. Village with Woodland Mansions

Village With Woodland Mansions

Woodland mansions provide shelter to hostile mobs. It features hidden rooms with the best loot in the Minecraft world. Unfortunately, this type of seed is scarce in the game. This seed has two woodland mansions, separated by a space between them.

Initially, you may not be able to take over the woodland mansions. But if you manage to raid one of them, you will have enough resources to last in the game.

Key Locations:

Mansion #1: 143, 63, 223
Mansion #2: -338, 67, 225
Witch Hut: 57, 65, 67
Ruined Portal: 161, 64, 372
Village: -195, 63, 242

  • Seed Code: 8993723640229201049

7. Village with a Ravine

Village With A Ravine

This is another rare village seed in the Minecraft world. There’s a ravine within the village. You will also find a house that leads to the ravine. Besides that, you will also find fletchers. In exchange for emeralds, you can get the best loots from them.

Just so you know, the village is located far away from the spawn point. The ravine makes it one of the best village seeds in the Minecraft world.

Key Locations:

Village: -397, 67, 649

  • Seed Code: -4556220430748093553

8. Isolated Island Village

Isolated Island Village

This one could be your best choice if you want a simple village seed in Minecraft. With this seed, you get to spawn directly in a village on an island.

Many other small islands surround the island. Below the island, you will locate an ocean cave. If you try to explore the cave, you will find resources like diamonds, magma blocks, and even red stone blocks.

Key Locations:

Village: 306, 72, 121

  • Seed Code: -613756530319979507

9. Zombie Village & Regular Village

Zombie Village &Amp; Regular Village

This Minecraft seed seems like a movie plot. It features two villages, one is a typical village, and the other one is a zombie village. Both the villages are separated by just a few water blocks.

The typical village is a functioning one with villagers and farms. On the other hand, the zombie village is a haunting location during the day. At night, it becomes a spot for the hostile mob. Going beyond the zombie village, you will find a mushroom island, a rare biome in Minecraft.

Key Locations:

Village #1: 0, 0, 0
Village #2: -132, 0, 0

  • Seed Code: 5329177101860618450

10. Coral Island Village

Coral Island Village

This village seed takes you to an isolated island. There are no land pieces around this island. However, you will find many connecting platforms that make this village beautiful.

There exist several underwater caves and creatures. If you want, you can explore the village for fun.

Key Locations:

Village: 100, 0, -40

  • Seed Code: 6341454152401905754

11. Island Village & Shipwreck

Island Village &Amp; Shipwreck

This village seed is ideal for players who want to stack up resources in the game. It allows players to spawn on an island village, where you will find all the critical resources needed to play the game smoothly.

This Minecraft seed can give you an excellent start to your game. Off the coast, you will find the buried treasure inside a shipwreck. If you look carefully, you will also find the treasure map, which can lead to better loot.

Key Locations:

Shipwreck #1: -192, 0, 16
Shipwreck #2: 0, 0, 576
Buried Treasure: -71, 0, 409

  • Seed Code: -573947210

12. Taiga Village over the Cave System

Taiga Village Over The Cave System

With this seed, you can spawn in a Taiga ecosystem. The Taiga village is built above a caves system, which may benefit players.

If you enter the cave system, you will find plenty of coal and iron ores. You can collect these ores to make weapons, tools, and armor with them. If you are lucky, you will also find some rare minerals. Make sure to explore the cave properly so that you don’t miss out on anything precious. You may also end up finding a few diamonds.

Key Locations:

Village: 600, 0, 0

  • Seed Code: 2146942512

13. Mineshafts Under Village

Mineshafts Under Village

This abandoned village seed can be a great source of essential minerals. Here you can find a collection of gold, lapis lazuli, or diamonds. So if you want to collect resources easily, you should spawn in this savanna village.

This village also has many mineshafts, iron ores, and coal ores. Not just that, but you may also find a few hidden treasure chests which can come in handy for your adventure.

Key Locations:

Village: -224, 0, 96

  • Seed Code: 94454061

14. Double Village & Pyramid

Double Village &Amp; Pyramid

With this seed, you can spawn near two villages. This ensures plenty of resources and materials. There’s a mineshaft in one of the villages with a few ores and treasure chests.

If you travel towards the desert area, you will find a pyramid. This is where you will find hidden chests of golden apples, magical books, saddles, and more.

Key Locations:

Village #1: -176, 0, 96
Village #2: -192, 0, -288
Mineshaft: -185, 69, 101
Desert Temple/Pyramid: -224, 0, -144
Pillager Outpost: -448, 0, -256

  • Seed Code: -1881547168

15. Forest Village Destroyed by Zombies

Forest Village Destroyed By Zombies

If you are looking for a challenging village seed, this could be the one for you. Spawning near a village destroyed by zombies makes it challenging for players to survive.

This village is in a degraded condition. Despite that, it has enough resources to get through the game. However, you need to be careful of the skeletons and zombies coming your way, especially during the night.

  • Seed Code: 1028438881

16. Savanna Village with Ravine

Savanna Village With Ravine

This Savannah-based village is one of the best seeds in Minecraft. In this village, you will find crops under and over the hills. Not just that, but you will also find different types of villagers.

Several water sources flow around and towards the village. You will also notice a ravine with tons of coal and iron ore blocks. With this biome, you don’t need to go anywhere because the village has everything you need.

Key Locations:

Village: 0, 64, 0
Ravine: 45, 64, 45

  • Seed Code: 1024766689301378

17. Blacksmith Village with Woodland Mansion 

Blacksmith Village With Woodland Mansion

This seed offers the best of all other village seeds in the game. It lets players spawn near a blacksmith village near the ocean, plains, and swamps. All these biomes are not far from this village.

If you go beyond this village, you will find a Woodland Mansion. It is separated by a tiny hill and flowing lava. You will also find a badland with a gateway to a mineshaft. You don’t need to break a single block to enter the mineshaft.

Key Locations:

Village: 50, 69, 0
Mineshaft Opening: -108, 69, -309
Woodland Mansion: 114, 82, 94

  • Seed Code: 841589977999168951

18. Coastal Village

Coastal Village

This is perfect for you if you want a Minecraft seed with plenty of good villages. It allows you to spawn inside a coastal village.

The advantage of spawning in this village is that you get a lot of resources. You can use these resources to make tools and weapons. If you travel far from the village, you will locate another village near the mountains.

Key Locations:

Village: 29, 71, 23

  • Seed Code: 627689198065479624

Village seeds are essential for Minecraft players. To make the most of this game, you should use these Minecraft village seeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the point of Minecraft seeds?

Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that features a Minecraft world for you to load into.

What is the Rarest Villager Job in Minecraft?

Fletcher is the rarest villager job in the Minecraft world. They offer flint, arrows, crossbows, and bows to players.

What do Swamps Look Like in Minecraft?

Swamps are easy to identify in Minecraft because they are flat, with green-grey lakes covering most of the area. The clay covers the bottom of the swamps.

What are some of the Popular Villagers’ Jobs in Minecraft?

Some popular villager jobs in Minecraft are butcher, armorer, cartographer, fisherman, farmer, cleric, leatherworker, and fletcher.

How do you Build a Villager in Minecraft?

To breed villagers in the game, you must have at least two willing villagers and three beds. You can increase their willingness by offering them food.

How do you get Villagers to Breed?

To get villagers to breed, you must offer them 3 loaves of bread, 12 potatoes, 12 carrots, or 12 beetroots per villager. Feed the villagers and leave two of them alone in a building. Check the building in 20 minutes; you should see a baby villager appear.

Are there Frogs in Minecraft? 

There are three types of frogs in Minecraft – tropical frogs, swamp frogs, and snowy frogs.

What is the Best Villager Job?

The best villager’s job is to become a farmer.

Can Green Villagers Breed?

Yes, green villagers can breed like regular villagers.

Why are Villages Important in Minecraft?

Villages are where you spawn in the game. This is where you collect the necessary resources to play the game smoothly.

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