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How to Create an Effective Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaign

According to Google, a business makes an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend on Adwords. For this and many other reasons, PPC is one of the most effective strategies in a digital marketing campaign. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to set up it properly.

In this post, I’ll tell you the main steps in developing an effective, correct pay per click advertising campaign.

Profit from PPC

This kind of advertising can bring you material profit as well as an increase of non-material but very important indexes:

  1. It causes an attendance growth and the number of sales as a result.
  2. PPC leads only your target audience to the website.
  3. Leads from it become buyers more often as they’re already ready to spend money.
  4. These ads increase your brand awareness.

Create your Best PPC Campaign Ever

40% of store purchases start online. So it’s worth using every possible opportunity to advertise your site. And PPC is a great way for this if it’s made and works properly. The following points will help you to develop the best PPC campaign easily. Just don’t forget any of them.

Set your goals

It’s very important part of your advertising campaign creation. Identify your ads objective to plan your PPC campaign strategy properly and drive it effectively.

Your ad goals can be:

  • To increase Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • To increase Site’s Traffic
  • Boost the number of Subscribers
  • To increase Sales.

It’s vital to determine the goals of your future campaign before you start planning it as it’ll help you to fulfill them. Otherwise, you can run your campaign in the wrong direction and realize it too late, after you spend money for nothing.

Correct targeting

Plan targeting after setting your PPC campaign goals. It’s the next very important step without which you can’t develop your strategy in the right way. Choose the most relevant audience for your ads. You can target audience for:

  • Geographic Location
  • Device Type
  • Operating Systems
  • Wireless Networks

Geo-targeting gives you an opportunity to show ads in special areas, such as specific country, state, region, city, area in this country or city, a radius around the location, or groups of location. This kind of targeting will help you focus your ads on the location where you have the biggest number of your potential clients.

Geographic targeting always helps achieve great results for those companies that have a real office or shop.


Nowadays more and more people use mobile devices for shopping, finding different services, and so on. That’s why it’s crucially important to target your audience for different devices and operating systems. You’ll be able to reach the best customers after implementing it.

You should develop the portrait of your target audience before planning the correct targeting.

Select keywords

One of the most important steps in pay per click ads strategy creation is keywords research. The right selection of them is a guarantee of the campaign success.

Create the list of keywords which describe your goods or services the best to get conversions and the high ROI (return of investments). You can select them with the help of different keywords tools, such as Google Keywords tool, Wordtracker, or Serpstat. As for me, the easiest in usage is the last one.

You just need to enter the main keyword of the product or service in its search box and go to Keyword Research > PPC Research > Keywords. Study keywords from the given ads and information about them and the whole ads to choose the most appropriate for your advertising.

Serpstat Ppc Research - Keyword Selection

Research Constantly

You should constantly refine and expand your keywords list with long-tails, low cost and highly relevant keywords to be always up-to-date.

Also, you should use separate keywords for different ads to get higher clicks and conversion rate.

To reduce the cost of your ads you should filter out negative keywords. In its turn, they’ll filter out non-converting traffic and non-appropriate clicks. Also, this filter can improve your ROI by reducing average CPC.

Write great texts

Ads’ texts play a very important role in the success of your PPC campaign. If you want the text to be effective, create an attention-grabbing headline with a keyword for it. It’ll help get more visitors.

One more obligatory thing in your ads is at least one keyword. It should be an effective one from the list, and it should be matched to the landing page.

Every ad should also contain a call to action, such as “buy now”, “sign up here”, “call us just now”, etc. The text of the whole ad should be unique and appealing.

To get more benefits, use some ad extensions. They may describe your business address, phone number, additional links, your rate, and so on. Such extensions ensure higher CTR and quality score for search engines, as they make ads more relevant and prominent.

Develop an effective schedule

This step is very important for improving your advertising strategy. You should choose certain days and hours when your ads will be shown for your audience. It may be business hours or weekends, mornings or evenings, and so on.

You get different performance results at a different time from your campaign. So, you should select the most suitable hours for your business according to the activity of your audience.

You can observe your audience for some time or use specific services. One of them is Google Analytics. Here you can get the full information about your audience activities. Then develop the schedule of the ads performance according to the given data there.

Google Analytics

Improve landing pages

A landing page is a site where users get after clicking the link from the ad.

Search engines pay attention to its quality as to one of the ranking factors. So it should be well-optimized which means that it should contain complete information about your product or service and high-quality images, call to action buttons, keywords from the ad.

This page should also be unique, attractive and have easy and clear usability.

Make Competitive Analysis

To get good profit and always keep pace with the times monitor your competitors. Look through the texts of their ads, keywords that are used and develop a strategy accordingly. Don’t create similar to your competitors’ ads, develop your own better design, style.

You can make competitive analysis monitoring every one of them in Google or you can use special SEO tools, such as Serpstat, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and so on.

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Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Monitor Constantly

To achieve a great success you should constantly monitor not only your competitors but also your own PPC ads. You should know which things are working the best for your promotion and achieving your goals. Here Google Analytics can also help you.

Other indexes you should track are bounce rate, conversion rate, and CTR. This knowledge will give you an opportunity to improve your PPC strategy and avoid repetition of the mistakes.


PPC advertising is one of the best investments in your business if it’s created in the right way. To get good results you should work hard while planning this campaign. Don’t forget about monitoring and researches. They are an integral part of your success.

Implement every step given in this post and you can be sure about achieving your goals and getting rather good profit.

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