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Fix Windows 10/11 Shutdown, Sleep & Hibernate Problem Easily

After upgrading your laptop or desktop to Windows 10/11, you might have noticed following issues:

  • After performing shutdown, power lights, as well as CPU fan, remains on. (Power off issue)
  • Windows 10/11 won’t shut down completely or stuck on “shutting down” screen or taking forever
  • Unable to sleep the computer/sleep mode issues/keeps sleeping
  • Unable to hibernate the computer/keeps hibernating

However, not all the users who have upgraded to Windows 10/11 are facing this problem. Unfortunately, this issue was seen on HP Pavilion 15 p077tx. While searching for this topic on Google, we found out that this matter is majorly affecting HP Laptops.

Also, there are many forum posts, questions, as well as solutions, are available on the web. We’ve tried all of the solutions but none of them seems to work for us. But while Googling, we came to know that it is an issue with Intel Management Engine Interface Driver.

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Traditionally you can downgrade the IME driver to version 9.x or 10.x, but due to automatic updates in Windows 10/11, it will be upgraded automatically. Another way around this was to block the automatic driver update using the tool provided by Microsoft. You can read more about it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930

However, this is just a temporary fix. So we dig a little deeper and found even an easier solution. Let’s get on with how to solve this issue:

1. Go to Device Manager.
2. Expand ‘System devices.’
3. Right-click on ‘Intel Management Engine Interface’ and go to properties.

Windows Device Manager Ime Interface

4. Now select ‘Power Management Tab.’

Ime Interface Power Management

5. Untick ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.
6. Save the changes.

Tip: It’s recommended that you manually update all the device in the device manager.

Also here we’ve made up a short video tutorial. Make sure to check it out.

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List of affected models:

  • HP Pavilion 15 series (p077tx, p005nx)
  • ASUS Zenbook (UX303LN)
  • Dell Inspiron 15 (3542)
  • MSI H310M Pro-VDH Plus (MS-7C09)
  • HP Envy 15-k050la
  • Acer E1 Series

Note: If your device is/was affected by this issue. Please let us know so that we can keep this list updated.

We hope that this tutorial will help you solve your power issue with Windows 10/11. If yes, do share your views in the comment section below. If no, let us know about your device. We will love to help you out.

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Mehul Boricha
Mehul Boricha
Mehul Boricha is the founder of Tech Arrival & Astute Links. He is a computer and smartphone geek from Junagadh, Gujarat, India. He is a Computer Engineer by Education & an Entrepreneur by Passion. Apart from technology geek, he is an audiophile & loves to connect with people.


    • I have checked the driver version using device manager on my laptop which was having this problem using device manager. Driver version is 11.x.x.x. I would recommend you to check for updates for your driver and then try again.

  1. I’m having this same issue. I use Elitebook as well and the power management option is not available. What do I do? It keeps sleeping!!!! Argh!

  2. Amazing! After struggling with the “won’t shut down” problem on my 14″ HP Pavillion for two years, trying everything I could find online, this simple fix….worked! I’m truly shocked. Thank you, Mehul, for sharinb this! HP should pay you for it.!

  3. Many thanks for the power problem tip. I experienced trouble from mid-January 2018 on my Windows 10 HP Pavilion 17 Notebook and it has been frustrating trying to find out how to fix it. Your recommended change in the Intel Management Engine Interface was easy to do and worked like a charm. Your help is much appreciated.

  4. Ryzen powered HP Pavilion has the similar issue (going to sleep mode takes a few minutes) but no intel MEI, because.. you know, AMD :)

  5. I was excited to get this page to solve my problem. When I close the lid it does not hibernate in the last few days. Bu your solution is not good for me because my notebook is AMD Ryzen powered Lenovo IdeaPad 330.

    If you have an idea for AMD powered systems, that would be great.

    • Hello Hakan,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any AMD powered laptop so we cannot try it here. But we will find to find out a solution online for the same and post it here.

    • Hello Hakan,

      Your problem may be solved using this: https://community.amd.com/thread/236266

      Basically, what they did there was to download all the latest drivers from the official site of your laptop manufacturer. Also, if there is a BIOS update flash it.

      Give it a try and let me know if it fixes your hibernate/sleep problem on your AMD device.

    • Hi I also had problems with my HP Envy with Ryzen 7 crashing or freezing after sleep/hibernation. After trying many different possible solutions I finally found a working solution on the Microsoft forum.

      Device Manager>System devices>AMD Audio Coprocessor >

      then in power management tab : UNCHECK allow the computer to turn off the device…

      This has completely solved the problem for me. Hope it helps you too.

  6. I have a Inspiron 7000 7591 2 in 1 and it’s been restarting instead of waking up from sleep since day 1 – happens about once every few days. Just applied this fix, will interesting to see if it actually works.

    • Hello Dave,

      Yes, in fact, this is a very simple solution. But we are not still sure who is at fault here. It maybe Intel or HP. But for the end-user, this is very frustrating. Anyway, we’re glad that this solution worked for you. :D

  7. Well, I deselected “Allow the computer to save power” checkbox under the Device Manager – System Devices – Intel Management Engine Interface & inspite of this, my HP Pavilion 15 Touchsmart Laptop p003-tx still continues to throw back the issue of Sleep/Hibernate & sometimes not getting Powered off (Shutdown) so, I finally had to “DISABLE” this option & Voila! The issue got Fixed!!!

    So until HP or Microsoft finds a fully compatible driver or a suitable permanent work around…which I am dammnnn sure will NEVER EVER Happen! I have to continue to keep Intel Management Engine disable.

  8. HP Pavilion 15 15-cd005la with the same issue.
    It doesn’t have Intel, so I searched other items on the list (instead of Intel Management Engine Interface). I found it under Security Devices /AMD PSP 2.0 Device. Right Click on AMD PSP 2.0 Device, and you will find the “Power Management” tab. Then, I followed the same steps. It seems to be working fine. Thank you!

  9. My Flex 5 will not sleep when I close the lid. That is how the settings are set (to sleep on lid close). I’ve checked everything I can think of. At one point it would even turn on when I closed the lid if shut down, but of course wouldn’t boot correctly. I found that fix in the device manager for the AMD under system. I had to uncheck one of the power options for the device. Any ideas as to what is causing this issue and how to fix it? I’m guessing its a setting I inadvertently changed. BTW, if I open the lid after, it will sleep, but only as long as the lid is open.

    Thank you!

  10. A lot of people including myself refrain from using power management on a desktop PC. I have always found power management to have issues from time to time. Typically a driver issues or conflict somewhere but error logs may not help much. Laptops typically need some power sleep abilities which ironically do seem to handle sleep and hibernate better than desktop PC’s? Funny how all these years of Windows and power management still gives users fits.

  11. The fix shown on this site did not alone fix the issue on my HP Pavilion 590. But I found that by unchecking the “Allow computer to turn off…..” box on all other managers with Power Management tabs, I was able to get the computer to finally sleep as programmed. Below are all the device managers I made the change to:

    Under System Devices:
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller – A368
    Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller – A369
    Intel Serial IO UART Host Controller – A328

    Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers:
    Intel USB 3.1 Extensible Host Controller – 1.10
    USB Root Hub

    In my case I believe it was the bus controllers that were causing the issue but I have not yet tested the theory. You might want to try one at a time then testing the computer with a 10 minute sleep time.

    Good luck all.

  12. Thank you so much, you saved my life! I’m a full time spouse caregiver for my husband who has Alzheimer disease. My laptop is my my main escape valve and I’ve been going mad. Blessings.

  13. This absolutely worked for me, thanks a lot! I had been having trouble with this issue for months now and then I stumble on this article after yet another session was lost after having to hard-reset the machine. Thank you very much.

  14. hi. i have this asus gl 703gs windows 10, issue with random forced sleep/hibernate like crazy. it’s even harder to login once it’s enter random sleep mode. i have tried your method by unchecking all in the power management. it’s been 2 hours now my laptop hasn’t been enter to sleep mode yet. if this work for 1 week without entering sleep. i’d confirm your solution above are the best over other hundreds articles/forums i have read. kindly let me donate you by next week once i confirm that this solves the issue.

    • There are quite a few solutions that we have come across while fixing this. But the solution that we mentioned worked wonders with the HP laptop. Let us know whether this worked or not? Also, if you get it fixed by using some other method, do let us know!

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