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Lamicall Review: Best Stands & Holders for Your Gadgets?

So if you are in the market looking towards buying anything like a stand/holder for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, watch, headphone or more then hold that thought and read on!

You might be hearing the name “Lamicall” first time, and recently so did we. Lamicall team contacted us to review their product line and they were kind enough to send over a few of their products for us to review.

So here in this article, we are going to look at some of the best items that they make and how they are after several weeks of use.

Fun Fact: There is an interesting story of the Founder (Daniel) on how he started Lamicall. You can read it here.

Some of the Best Lamicall Products

1. Nintendo Switch Tablet Stand T

We know what you’re thinking but hold your thoughts!

The name may seem a little misleading but this so-called “Stand T” is a multi-purpose stand. And it can hold any device whether it is a smartphone, tablet and even a Nintendo switch.

From the first look itself, you will find it very similar to the other stands that you probably have searched on Amazon or eBay. We haven’t used those but his one is damn good.

Weight of any stand and the feel of it tells you the story about the quality of the material used. And this one is a pretty sturdy stand. (About 195 grams) Theoretically, you can bend it any way you want as long as it can hold your device comfortably.

There are 4 different colors you can choose from namely, Black, Gery, Silver & Red. Our model was the black one and from our usage, we can definitely tell that color will not fade or scratch off easily and especially even with long term use.

To protect the metal from rubbing off with your device while it’s still in the holder it has a big rubber grip that covers all the metal that will touch your device. Also, to grip the stand to the surface there are 4 grip pads preinstalled at the bottom surface and you will get 2 extra grip pads in the box itself. (In case if you need more grip)

Additionally, you will get Lifetime Guarantee and you can contact them anytime for quality-related problems and they will offer you a replacement or a full refund.

So, at the end of the day, you cannot possibly wrong if you get one!

2. Car Tablet Headrest Mount P2

Who said you cannot enjoy long trips on weekends or trips if you don’t get to drive the car around. This headrest mount will let you enjoy movies, video calls, and other stuff without having to hold your device whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.

This mount can easily be mounted once you adjust the headrest high enough so that the mount can fit in-between the headrest rods. The mount is made mostly of plastic. It may feel a little cheaper than the above stand T. But the choice of plastic makes sense, this is because lighter the stand is, the easier for it to hold sturdy.

Also, the pivot adjustment will let you rotate & tilt the whole thing any way you want. It’s great, isn’t it!

There are two colors namely, red & black that you can choose from. However, we liked the red accent very much, but that depends on your style.

You can find a list of all the compatible devices & sizes on the official product page.

3. Headphone Stand H

We know that you can simply put your headphones on the desk or in the case that it comes with. But either of which does not let you show your headphones off on the desk.

Well, that’s where the headphone stand H from Lamicall comes it. It’s a nice-looking metal stand with a rounded base and a pretty standard looking inverted L-shaped rod to hang your headphones.

The quality of the material is very good. It may seem like that it will not support heavy headphones and will have wobble issues but honestly it’s very sturdy.

There are 4 grip pads at the bottom and one big one on the top to prevent your headphones from getting scratched. The only downside that we can think of that there is only one color accent available and that is Aluminium Color.

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For us, the Aluminium accent color was perfect and went right with our setup. To make it easy for you to manage the stand we suggest you stick the stand to a good spot.

4. USB Type C Cables

Apart from the stands they also make some cables and USB-C adapter. Before proceeding you should know that the cables they make do support fast charging but they are USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0.

The cables are braided and well built and can last very long. This is because they provide 24-Months warranty if you have any quality-related issues.

We have used the 6-Feet USB C to USB A cable for about several weeks and it’s doing a pretty good job in charging the devices with Quick Charge 3.0.

From a budget point of view, we think that these cables are very well priced and are affordable if you are considering the long term use.


Lamicall is the name that you might be hearing the first time but after using their products for quite a while we can surely recommend the products that we have used and also the other products that they make.

Build quality will be top-notch and many products they are offering a warranty period if you have any quality issues with your products.

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Mehul Boricha
Mehul Boricha
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