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All the Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained

To survive in Minecraft, you need shelter, food, tools, and other items. Thankfully, you can get all of these from Minecraft villagers. They are your best friends; you can trade items with them whenever needed.

However, not all Minecraft villagers are the same. They take up different jobs to support their livelihood and survive in the Minecraft world. They need jobs to provide for their families.

Now the question is, what type of jobs do these villagers do? We will be discussing that in the article below.

What Villager Jobs are Available in Minecraft?

There are a total of 15 villager jobs available in the Minecraft world. But only 13 of them are practical professions. The appearance of a villager depends on the biome in which they spawn.

You will encounter many hostile villagers like witches and zombie villagers. In total, there are more than 100+ different-looking villagers.

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How do Villagers Get a Job in Minecraft?

The type of job a villager gets depends on the utility block or the job site block available around them. But it should be noted that there are limited utility blocks. Due to this reason, many villagers don’t have a job.

However, you can assign a job to a jobless villager by placing the required job site block around them. This will automatically make the villager opt for that profession. You can then trade with the villager and get the items you need.

List of Minecraft Villager Jobs  

Now let’s check out the different villager jobs available in Minecraft. You will find all the details in the pointers below:

1. Armorer

Minecraft Armorer

An armorer is involved in trading armor pieces. It happens to be one of the main jobs in the game. To work as an armorer, the villager needs a blast furnace as a utility block.

  • An armorer cannot work without a blast furnace.
  • They sell chains and iron in Minecraft. Besides that, they also offer magical diamond armor.
  • You can get armor from Minecraft armorers.
  • They trade emeralds for things like coal, iron ingots, etc.

2. Butcher

Minecraft Butcher

You can purchase meat and other meat-based products from Minecraft butchers in exchange for emeralds.

  • Minecraft butchers need a smoker as a utility block.
  • Players can purchase cooked meat from butchers in exchange for emeralds.
  • Butchers get raw meat from trade.
  • The job of a butcher helps a villager grow. Also, he can hunt as many animals as he can.
  • A Minecraft butcher can have a livestock farm and generate profits.

3. Cleric

Minecraft Cleric

This is another desirable job for Minecraft villagers. The cleric job provides many valuable materials. Villagers take up this job to meet the necessities of their life. The best thing about this job is that it generates maximum income.

  • Clerics are known to trade glow stones, ender pearls, redstone, and several other things.
  • The job site block needed for the cleric job is a brewing table or a brewing stand.
  • Minecraft clerics give players useful potions, enchantments, and other magical items to make them more powerful than their enemies.
  • You can trade with a cleric using emeralds.

4. Cartographer

Minecraft Cartographer

If you want to explore the Minecraft world, you will need to trade with a cartographer. A villager can become a cartographer depending on the services he provides to players.

  • Players can get a woodland map and an ocean explorer map from a cartographer.
  • For a villager to become a cartographer, he will need a cartographer table.
  • With the help of the cartography table, you can easily find and visit places in the Minecraft world.
  • Players can also get banners, maps, patterns, and compasses from a cartographer.
  • You can keep track of your location, copy your maps, and get new shops.

5. Farmer

Minecraft Farmer

Farmers are the most popular type of villagers in Minecraft. They offer high-quality food items and ingredients. You can trade pie, bread, apple, stew, cake, cookies, and more at lower levels. You will also find expert farmers who offer glistering melon slices and golden carrots.

  • Farmers trade crops and food.
  • They also sell brewing ingredients.
  • A composter block makes a villager farmer.
  • You can purchase food items from a farmer when you run short of your stock.

6. Fisherman

Minecraft Fisherman

The fisherman job is one of the newest additions to the game. Minecraft fishermen offer cooked fish like cod, salmon, and other fishes. They also offer a bucket of cod. Other items you can get are a fishing rod and a campfire.

  • A barrel block makes a villager fisherman.
  • A fisherman offers various kinds of seafood.
  • Every fishing session can help you generate a good amount of money.

7. Leatherworker

Minecraft Leatherworker

Minecraft leatherworkers were once very popular. But nowadays, it is not taken as an important job. This is because they offer only leather-made horse armor and other armor pieces. Most players don’t use these items anymore. However, a master leatherworker offers a horse saddle, which is still useful to players. Their utility block is a cauldron, which comes in handy in storing powder, water, or lava. In the bedrock edition, you can store potions and dyed water too.

  • A villager becomes a leatherworker with a cauldron utility block.
  • Players can sell their leather items to a leatherworker.
  • You can purchase various leather items in exchange for emeralds.

8. Fletcher

Minecraft Fletcher

This is probably the most unpopular job in the whole Minecraft game. They offer flint, bows, arrows, and crossbows. You can get enchanted bows, tipped arrows, and enchanted crossbows from an expert fletcher.

  • Players can sell everyday items such as flints and sticks to fletchers.
  • You can target your enemy from a far-off distance.
  • A villager becomes a fletcher with a fletching table block.

9. Librarian

Minecraft Librarian

You will find the librarian helpful if you want enchanted books in Minecraft. They also offer enchanted books, lanterns, bookshelves, clocks, name tags, compasses, and glass blocks. Their job site block is the lantern, which comes in handy only in multiplayer mode.

  • You can assign a librarian job to a villager by placing a lectern block near him.
  • It gives you access to many enchanted books, powerful enchantments, and bookcases.
  • They can help you earn a large amount of profit.

10. Nitwit

Minecraft Nitwit

Nitwits don’t have much use in Minecraft. The biggest drawback is that you cannot assign them a job. Not just that, but you can’t even trade with them. They are included in the game only as a part of the aesthetic.

  • They are non-playing characters in the game.
  • They have no value in Minecraft.
  • They eat leftover food items.
  • To employ them, you will have to turn them into zombies first.
  • They can breed with other nimwits.
  • Nitwits have a green robe attached to them.

11. Mason

Minecraft Mason

Minecraft mason offers a variety of stones. You can trade various items like dripstone blocks and polished stone blocks at lower levels. While at the higher level, you can get glazed terracotta, colored terracotta, quartz pillars, and a block of quartz.

  • Master masons sell 16 different kinds of terracotta items.
  • Using a stone cutter, you can build their workstation.
  • Their utility block is a stone cutter.

12. Shepherd

Minecraft Shepherd

Shepherd in Minecraft offers decorative items like banners, colored wool, carpets, and paintings. Besides that, you can get beds and shears too.

  • In exchange for emeralds, you can get wool from a shepherd.
  • You can also purchase crafted carpets from a shepherd.
  • With the help of shepherd villagers, you can improve the interiors of your house.

13. Toolsmith

Minecraft Toolsmith

With a toolsmith villager, you can trade various in-game tools, such as an axe, pickaxe, hoe, and shovel. At higher levels, you can also get enchanted tools. Sometimes, they also offer bells. You can use a smithing table to convert diamond tools to netherite tools.

  • Players can purchase different colored tools from a toolsmith.
  • Toolsmiths trade minerals and bells.
  • If you run out of tools, you can get more tools from a toolsmith.
  • They also offer harvesting tools of varying designs.
  • A toolsmith’s job site block is a smithing table.

14. Weaponsmith

Minecraft Weaponsmith

This is a very desirable job in the game. When doing a speedrun, you will find a weaponsmith’s chest useful as it contains weapons, iron, and obsidian. For trading, they offer axes and swords.

  • A Weaponsmith villager becomes employed with a grindstone job site block.
  • This job can help eliminate all the extra iron ingots and coal in your inventory.
  • A weaponsmith villager offers diamonds and iron swords, both enchanted and non-enchanted.

15. Unemployed

Minecraft Villager

Unemployed villagers are the ones who don’t have any jobs. All villagers remain jobless until they find a utility block. You can craft and place a utility block near a villager to assign them a job. However, if you break a utility block, the villager will become jobless again.

  • Unemployed villagers don’t offer anything to players.
  • You can turn a jobless villager into an unemployed one by converting him into a zombie and then using a magic potion to turn him into an employed villager.

So, these are the different villager jobs available in Minecraft. Each of these jobs is helpful in some way or the other. You just have to know when and how to use them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Villager Jobs are there in Minecraft? 

There are a total of 15 villager jobs, including unemployed in Minecraft.

How do Villagers Get a Job in Minecraft?

Villagers get jobs based on the job site block placed around them.

When does a Minecraft Villager Lose his Job?

If you break a utility block, will it make a Minecraft villager jobless?

How Can You Assign a Job to a Villager?

You can craft and place the required utility block near a villager to assign them a job.

Can You Assign a Job to Nitwits?

To assign the job to nitwits, you must first turn them into zombies. After that, you need to use a weakness potion to turn them into an employed villager.

What is the Most Popular Villager Job in Minecraft?

Farmer is the most popular villager job in the game. They offer food and crops.

How to Get Tools in Minecraft?

You can get tools in Minecraft from a Toolsmith.

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