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What is The Highest Snap Score?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Snap scores. It measures your in-app activities and shows how active you are on the platform. Although it offers no benefits, Snapchat users compete fiercely to boost their Snap score.

The highest snap scorer has 322 million points. It shows the level of dedication these users have.

If you are curious about the highest snap scorer and other related details, you should read the post below.

What Is A Snap Score?

A snap score refers to the Snapchat score, a tool to track your in-app engagement. It represents the total count of photos you have shared with your friends while using the app. 

Although the exact factors used by Snapchat’s algorithm to calculate the snap score remain undisclosed, it’s not solely determined by the number of photos exchanged. The app’s scoring system also considers additional elements, such as the size of your friend list and the frequency of posted stories.

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Top 10 Highest Snap Scorers

You will be amazed to know the snap scores achieved by the highest snap scorers. Here is the list of the top Snapchat scorers in 2023.

1. Mustbecris: 322 million

With 322 million, Mustbecris is the true Snapchat king. He has been using the app since it was launched and is known for his dedication to the platform.

2. Dion-19: 239 million

On the second spot, we have user Dion-19, who has achieved an excellent snap score by sending snaps regularly. He is known for his creative use of the platform.

3. Cris-this guy: 5134 million

Cris uses lots of lenses and filters to make his content on the platform engaging. He has bagged an impressive score by interacting with other Snapchatters.

4. Michael86I: 31.2 million

Michael86I consistently sends and opens snaps from other users. He also uses filters to make his content creative.

5. Ciqlo: 28 million

Ciqlo uses a strategy similar to other Snapchat users to achieve an impressive snap score of 28 million.

6. Gpierson_20: 22 million+

Garret, aka Gpierson_20, is known for his humor and creativity on the platform. He also actively participates in Snapchat games.

7. Daydrunks: 23 million

Daydrunks is famous for his unique snaps. Besides using lenses and filters, he participates in Snapchat games. He also snaps with celebrities, which have helped boost his score.

8. Noah Rittle: 15.6 million

Noah Rittle frequently snaps to maintain his streak and boost his snap score. He loves interacting with other Snapchatters.

9. Jade_rush1: 13.8 million

Jade_rush1 is known for using Snapchat’s special event-related lenses and filters.

10. Dailybrayden123: 10.2 million

Dailybrayden123 is working hard to get to the snap score leaderboard. He snaps frequently with his followers and friends.

Celebrities With Highest Snap Score

These are five celebrities famous for their impressive Snapchat scores:

1. Kylie Jenner

With her massive social media presence, Kylie Jenner boasts a high Snapchat score.

2. Kim Kardashian

As a prominent entertainment industry figure, Kim Kardashian has garnered many Snapchat followers and a notable snap score.

3. Rihanna

The celebrated singer and entrepreneur actively uses Snapchat, earning herself a high score.

4. DJ Khaled

As a famous music producer and avid Snapchat user, DJ Khaled has amassed many followers on the platform.

5. Ariana Grande

The acclaimed pop singer has a strong presence on Snapchat, resulting in a high score.

Where To Find Your Snap Score?

Your Snapchat score is displayed beneath your username and profile picture on the main app screen. It represents the numerical summary of your activity within the platform. 

This score fluctuates based on your level of engagement and is influenced by various factors. If your score is relatively low, it suggests that you rarely interact with other Snapchatters.

You can find your snap score by following these simple steps:

  1. Tap the Bitmoji icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Snapchat Home
  1. Your profile will appear, showing your username along with your snap score.
Snapchat Profile

How To Increase Your Snap Score?

Increasing one’s Snap Score on Snapchat involves sending and receiving snaps while texting does not earn any points. Additionally, posting snaps to your story contributes to your Snap Score. But points are only awarded when you view other users’ stories.

As for what constitutes a high Snap Score, there are no exact benchmarks. Generally, a Snap Score exceeding 200,000 indicates that the user has utilized the app extensively, surpassing the activity level of an average user.

What Is A Good Snap Score?

Snapchat scores have become a friendly competition among users. While there’s no definitive standard for a “good” score, surpassing 200,000 is generally considered high. 

However, it is essential to understand that a high Snapchat score doesn’t necessarily indicate popularity on the platform. Instead, it reflects a user’s activity, primarily the number of snaps sent and received.

You can boost your Snap score by applying various strategies, such as sending snaps regularly and expanding your circle of Snapchat friends, among others. 

Utilizing Snapchat’s features and filters or creating custom filters for events can also earn you extra points. While having a high snap score is exciting, it offers no benefits. It is just a numerical representation indicating your activity level on the platform. 

The essence lies in having fun and enjoying the app with your followers and friends.

How To Get 1M Snap Score?

To reach a 1M snap score, there are several strategies you can employ. Here are some effective methods to try:

1. Send More Snaps

Utilize the camera feature frequently to send pictures and videos to your friends. It should be remembered that chatting won’t earn points. Therefore, you will have to focus on visual communication.

2. Expand Your Friend List

Add new friends regularly, as having more connections increases your opportunities to boost your snap score.

3. Vlog Using Snapchat

Collaborate with friends and create short vlogs, sharing 10 to 60-second videos with each other. Engaging in this content creation can significantly elevate your score.

4. Open Received Snaps

Just receiving snaps from other Snapchat users is not enough. The point will not count unless you open the snap.

5. Participate In Streaks

You should also participate in streaks, which involves sending snaps back and forth for consecutive days without breaking the chain.

6. Play Snapchat Games

Snapchat offers many games to play with other users on the platform. Playing these games can help you boost your snap score.

Following these methods and actively engaging with Snapchat’s features can enhance your chances of achieving a 1M snap score. 

The record for the highest snap score has captured the curiosity of numerous individuals, motivating them to test their limits. Nevertheless, understanding how Snapchat scores function won’t guarantee points unless you actively use the app. The key to achieving higher scores lies in exchanging more snaps and maintaining streaks with other users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does snap score work?

You receive one point every time you receive or send snaps. You can also earn points by sending 10-second-long videos and using other Snapchat features.

Can I increase my snap score by texting?

No, texting other Snapchat users will not earn you any points.

Does the snap score increase without opening snaps?

To earn snap points, you will have to open the snap. Otherwise, it will not be counted.

Who is the highest Snapchat scorer?

The highest Snapchat scorer is Mustbecris, with 322 million points.

Can I see my friends’ Snapchat scores?

You can only see your friends’ Snapchat scores if they have not hidden it.

Can I increase my Snap score by playing Snapchat games?

Yes, you can boost your Snap score by participating in Snapchat games.

Where is my snap score?

You can find your snap score right next to your username.

Can my snap score go down?

Your snap score may decrease if you block or unfriend users or make your account private.

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