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11 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

A strong social media presence can substantially increase your blogging reach while using WordPress. Here are top social media-centric plugins to enhance your WordPress blog.

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List of Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Mashshare

Share buttons embedded into the content of your blog encourage people to share the material you wrote on their favorite social media feeds. This plugin offers specialized sharing buttons such as those that show how many other people have also distributed the content on their social media feeds.

Download from WordPress.org

2. WordPress to HootSuite

Hootsuite is an all-encompassing social media management tool allowing post scheduling and much more. With the WordPress to Hootsuite tool, bloggers send their WordPress content directly to Hootsuite, then use Hootsuite to decide how best to distribute it across social media platforms.

Download from WordPress.org

3. Social Warfare

If you’re a new blogger or just want to install the most worthy WordPress plugins, Social Warfare is worth a look because it offers several social media features in one tool.

Besides simplifying adding sharing buttons, this plugin has a Social Recovery feature that preserves your share counts even if you move to another domain. Create shareable quotes and custom Twitter content to boost your reach, as well.

Download from WordPress.org

4. Revive Old Post

Evergreen content could drive as much social media traffic to your site as new material, or even more. You can ensure your social media blog followers see your older posts by using this purposeful plugin.

You can also tweak settings in the plugin so that it automatically posts the content to Facebook and Twitter. Revive Old Posts suggests hashtags to use based on the topics discussed in the older material. By inserting them with the main post, you could improve social media performance.

Download from WordPress.org

5. Instagram Feed

You can get the gist about what this WordPress plugin does by looking at its name. It permits displaying one or more publicly accessible Instagram feeds on your blog.

Also, it offers full customization over how the feeds display. Put all of them on one page of your blog or scatter them throughout several pages. Manipulate the size of the feeds and how large the displayed images are, too.

Download from WordPress.org

6. Blog to Social

Blog to Social is a reasonably priced social media manager for your blog that offers a free version, too. If you opt for a premium tier, rates start at less than $7 per month.

This plugin lets you automatically share WordPress posts on multiple social media accounts to maximize your promotional capabilities. Then, if you decide to pay for the service, automatically publish your new posts to social media feeds as soon as you press the “Publish” button in the WordPress interface. Alternatively, choose the best time to make your posts hit the mainstream depending on your assessments of users’ habits.

There are also custom sharing opportunities that permit editing posts with hashtags or individual comments for each social network used. Then, the content seems more personalized for the readers associated with a particular channel.

Download from WordPress.org

7. Monarch

Over 500,000 people use Monarch to improve their social media reach with WordPress. That’s not surprising, considering this plugin offers more than 80 themes. It has compatibility with more than 20 social networks. Plus, when you’re deciding where to put your sharing buttons, Monarch lets you pick from five possible locations.

PS: We love Monarch and have used it for 5 years before switching to theme based features.

Visit Official Plugin Site

8. Super Socializer

Despite not making you pay a penny to use the plugin, Super Socializer offers an incredible amount of personalization for social media buttons on your WordPress blog. You can make thousands of tweaks to buttons based on size, color, design, and more.

Also, there’s no need to register to use the plugin. Just download and install it, then start seeing how easy it is to make your social media sharing buttons appear just the way you like them.

Download from WordPress.org

9. Social Pug

Social Pug offers both free and premium versions, allowing you to pick the one that’s most appropriate for your needs. The free version works with five of the biggest social media networks and provides four placements for social media buttons. Plus, you can edit the labels for the buttons to maximize engagement and make the text as relevant as possible for your audience.

If you decide to go with the premium version, it allows creating pop-up social media buttons that could attract readers’ attention before they leave your blog. Furthermore, there are social media buttons specifically for people coming to your WordPress site on mobile devices.

Download from WordPress.org

10. Swifty Bar

You might realize from its name that this WordPress plugin adds an informative bar to the end of each post. Besides containing share counts and social media buttons, it gives details about your blog and the content people read. It tells them which category the post comes from and lets them quickly move forward or backward through archived posts. The bar contains average reading times for posts, too, allowing people to plan how they interact with the material and when they do it.

Download from WordPress.org

11. AddToAny Share Buttons

People refer to this plugin as a universal sharing platform because it lets people distribute your content on over 100 social media sites. There is an email sharing feature, too, and it helps readers send content to people’s inboxes with simple clicks.

This plugin is designed to work in the background for minimum disruption for readers, too. It always loads after or at the same time as your main content.

Download from WordPress.org

These plugins provide straightforward ways to get your blog content seen by the most people possible by focusing on social media feeds. After using them, it’ll be evident that social media influence and blogging progress are not two distinctive goals, but rather aspirations that connect to each other.

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