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10 Best Torrent Sites of This Year

Disclaimer: While this post contains information that is targeted towards BitTorrent and P2P users, we do not endorse or condone any inappropriate use of P2P technologies including but not limited to: hacking, cracking, sharing, or downloading any copyrighted materials. BitTorrent and other forms of the torrent are incredibly powerful, legal technology. Make sure you respect the property rights of others. – Team Tech Arrival

Torrents are a popular way of sharing files. People can share movies, music, software and more with the help of torrents, thanks to the BitTorrent protocol. A torrent file essentially carries the metadata about files and folders to be distributed. This metadata can then be later used to download the actual file.

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Controversies and Problems

As torrents provide a streamlined way of transferring data, it is perhaps the most misused type of file transferring technique. This has arisen many controversies and has led to the banning of multiple torrent websites such as Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.eu have seized to operate.

Also, there have been multiple incidents which have led to virus and malware attacks on computers that downloaded torrent file from malicious websites. Because of this, we have created a list of the best and safest torrent sites you can trust and download from.

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Also, please make sure to read our disclaimer at the end of this post.

List of Best Torrent Websites of 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, is one of the most popular torrent hosting websites on the internet. Though it has suffered various domain seizures, it has still managed to survive them and host torrent files like a charm. You can find millions of torrents available in various categories, along with support for magnet links. The Pirate Bay helps you search your required topics more easily by dividing your requests in a simplified list according to the topic as Audio, Video, Application, Games, and Others. It also features an ‘All’ column in case you want to include search results from all the categories. It also Divides the torrents as TV Shows, Music, and the top 100 Trending torrents.

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2. 1337x


1337x perhaps gets full marks when it comes to the new user interface that was updated in late 2016. The site has become less cluttered and more functional when it comes to searching what you want. The website provides lots of options and categories such as software, movies, TV shows, songs, etc. You can also find a description of the torrent file you’re downloading. As 1337x is also a community-based website, there are options to provide feedback and write comments on these torrent files.

3. YTS


If you have been around the torrenting world for a while now, you might have heard about YIYF. However, YIYF was unfortunately taken down and has never been up ever since. But YTS has taken its place, even though it is not affiliated with the original website. The best feature of this website is the quality of movies and TV shows it provides. It has among the highest download speeds, better bit rates and higher fps (frames per second) than competitor sites. It also has a clean and easy to navigate user interface, which is great even for a beginner. Overall, the website provides quality content and is good for download classics, though you might have a little hard time finding the latest titles.

4. Zooqle


Zooqle is a relatively young torrent website when compared to others on the list. However, with more than 3 million files, it isn’t something to be taken granted for. It has a really modern and clean interface, with popular movies and TV Shows featured on its home page. It even tells you whether or not, and if yes, then when the next episode or season of a TV show will be coming out. It also features games and other software. You can also find a description of what you’re downloading, as well as comment upon it. Torrents are usually verified before uploading so you can easily rely upon this website.

5. TorrentDownloads


If you are looking for a software that is quite old but, or craving to read an ebook which isn’t exactly well known, then you should probably check out TorrentDownload’s extensive collection of torrent files. With over 16 Million files, TorrentDownloads has everything ranging from movies and TV shows to lesser-known software, music, ebooks and more. The website was established in 2007 and is fairly old to be considered reliable in the torrenting world.

6. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is another fairly huge torrent website with more than 10 million torrent files. It was created in 2009 and has got an ample amount of traffic after the sad demise of other torrent sites. You can find movies and TV shows in good quality on the website. Not only that, but the torrents are also verified. The website has an easy to navigate interface. You can browse the categories section if you don’t know what to download, and we’re sure you’ll find something interesting there. There are no ads or other shady popups that are common on other torrent websites. You can find TV shows, movies, music, games, applications, and even anime.

7. Torrentz2


Torrrentz2 is unlike any other torrent websites on our list. Because, ahem, it is not a torrent site in the first place. What torrentz2 actually is, is a torrent search engine. It doesn’t host any torrent file itself, rather searches for them like a search engine does when you enter a keyword. This makes it hold the largest database of active torrent files, without having to host a single one of them. The website is great if you have spent hours searching for a particular torrent and still haven’t found them. Overall, you can say torrentz2 is Google for torrent files.

8. Torlock


Torlock is another torrent search engine, similar to Torrentz2. It is a fast searching tool that only shows you the verified torrent files. You can easily find movies, television, games, music, software, and anime after entering the keywords of your choice. The verification process is so genuine on this website, it had even introduced a program that paid users $1 for every fake torrent they were able to find on its site. The website provides fast downloading speeds. Overall, Torlock is one efficient torrent website and makes file seeking very easy.



If you are looking for the latest TV show that your friends have been talking about but none of the popular torrents have it, then you should definitely check out RARBG. The website hosts a huge variety of torrent files including new and old ones. The community is active and there are a lot of seeds for the torrent which ensure faster speeds while downloading. Perhaps the best feature is the top 10 list of every category the site hosts torrents of. Categories include movies, shows, music, anime, games and more.

10. Demonoid


Demonoid goes back to the days when The Pirate Bay was created. But the site has suffered its own ups and downs. Regardless of all that, Demonoid still remains to be one of the best websites for torrent files. It has got over 10 million torrent files over multiple categories such as movies, TV shows, games, etc. It is full of seeders and leechers so you will get awesome speeds most of the time while downloading files.

Final Words

Torrent websites are a great source of resources if you know what you’re doing and how to make the most out of it. We recommend using an adblocker because most of the torrent websites have a lot of ads and they even redirect you. This is perhaps because of the fact that ads don’t function the same way on torrent websites, the way they do on websites like us. So to generate revenue, they have to do shady ads. Apart from that, we also recommend you to use a VPN as many torrent sites are banned in multiple countries.

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We hope you liked this informative article. Let us know your experience in downloading files from these torrent websites. Also, if your favorite website isn’t listed above, let us know about it in the comments below and we’ll surely check it out.

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