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21 Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android

Before we had weather apps and widgets, we had to rely on weather forecast channels to get daily weather updates. But the existence of smartphone weather apps and widgets has changed everything. Now we can get weather updates with just a few clicks.

These weather apps provide detailed and accurate information. On the other hand, the weather widgets look modern and are easy to use. With the help of these apps, you can easily get weather updates from different places. All you need to do is set the location, and you will receive detailed updates.

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In this post, we will suggest some of the best weather apps and widgets that you must have on your smartphone.

List of Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android

1. AccuWeather


AccuWeather has got you covered whether you want to know the temperature or get updates on local weather. This is hands down one of the best weather apps out there. It provides detailed and accurate updates that you can rely on. From forecast news to forecast updates to severe weather alerts, this app gives you every little detail you need to know. It also has the live weather option to give detailed reports. It also provides daily forecast snapshots for severe weather warnings and rain alerts. It’s the ultimate weather tracker app you need.

2. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather &Amp; Clock Widget For Android

With Weather & Clock Widget, you can stay updated with the latest weather updates. It also gives you detailed reports on the future weather forecast. It allows you to personalize your smartphone using customizable widgets. The widgets show current weather, daily & hourly updates, and moon phase. Besides that, it also displays your next alarm, calendar events, and battery level. To give you a better idea, weather forecasts are displayed with graph charts.

3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The next best option we have is The Weather Channel. From live radar updates to severe weather alerts, you can get all the weather details you want from this app. It also gives you detailed reports on your local weather, so you can plan your day accordingly. It has additional features such as live Doppler radar, forecast updates for severe weather, storm tracker, and weather maps. With the help of this app, you can plan up to 15 days.

4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

If you want the best weather forecast app, then Yahoo Weather could be the one for you. Now you can prepare your day with the most accurate weather app. The specialty of this app is that it provides hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Not just that, but it also gives you Flickr photos matching your location and current conditions. You can also get other details such as wind pressure, the chance of precipitation, etc. It has interactive maps to help you track different cities and destinations.

5. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather By Weatherbug

If you are looking for the most accurate weather app, then Weather by WeatherBug is the best choice for you. This app provides the fastest weather alerts, live updates, accurate hourly & 10-day forecasts, and more. It lets you explore 20 weather maps, including UV index, Doppler radar, lightning alerts, local temperature, precipitation, and more. This is a convenient app that gives you all the details you need to know. With this app, you can stay alert on dangerous thunderstorms, severe rains, etc.

6. Weather Live

Weather Live

With Weather Live, you can get weather updates around you and all over the world. This is a highly accurate weather forecast app that helps you adjust your schedule based on the weather coming in. predicting weather is not easy. But you no longer have to peep outside your window to see the weather as Weather Live gives you the 14-day weather forecast. It also has many other related features such as current and “Feels like” temperature, lightning tracker, wind speed and direction, and more. It also finds you pressure and precipitation-related weather information. It also has a premium version that gives you access to interactive weather maps. Last but not least, you can also customize the way the weather is displayed.

7. 1Weather


You can download the 1Weather app to get all the weather details you need. From incoming storms to a tornado warning to local temperature, this app has got you covered. With stunning visuals, it brings you handpicked weather news, facts, and live information in just 60 words. Get rain and snow alerts, so you don’t have to be unprepared when outdoors. It includes many other features that make it one of the best weather tracker apps. It gives you 12 week extended forecast to keep you prepared. Along with that, you also get 10+ customizable widgets.

8. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Getting local weather updates has become much easier with Weather Underground. If you want accurate weather details, then this app could be the right pick for you. It brings you the hyper-local weather forecast, with hyper-local updates from the nearest weather station. It cultivates weather data from over 250,000 personal weather stations to provide detailed reports to users. There are many reasons why you should download this app. It finds you weather alerts, tracks incoming storms, severe weather updates, and more. It also features a clean user interface and gives you a customized experience. You can set the app with light & dark modes as per your liking.

9. Weawow


Next up, we have Weawow, a highly accurate weather update app. One unique feature of this app is that it allows you to sell your photos at the Weawow marketplace. Besides that, it gives you an accurate and detailed weather forecast for free. Unlike many other weather apps, Weawow is free of advertisements. This is to ensure a better user experience. With this app, you can get live weather updates, today & tomorrow weather, 48-hour weather, weekly weather, and more. It supports multiple languages, so you can use the app conveniently.

10. Windy.com


Windy is one of the widely used weather apps out there. This extraordinary app brings you all the weather details you need. It has a fast and intuitive interface that makes the app convenient to use. It is designed to give you detailed and most accurate weather information. This app is so good that it is even trusted by professional pilots, skydivers, surfers, the army, and governments. It helps you track the tropical storm, potential severe weather, and rain. It comes with 40 weather maps to keep you updated on the incoming weather.

11. YoWindow


This is yet another great weather app that you can use. By fetching you all the weather details, it helps you to stay prepared beforehand. With this app, you can check weather details right in the palm of your hand. Scroll the time through the day and check the weather change. Other notable features include sunsets in the real world and the moon phase. It derives information from high-precision weather sources such as National Weather Service (NWS), Foreca (nowcasting), METAR, and Open Weather Map. 

12. Google

Google Android App

Yes, you can also use the Google app to stay updated on the weather. This app is not just good for finding nearby shops and restaurants, but it can also find you accurate weather details. For your convenience, you can personalize the app and get detailed updates on your phone. One of the best things about Google is that it delivers weather updates and news right from the morning. Based on this, you can plan your day accordingly.

13. MyRadar Weather Radar

Myradar Weather Radar

MyRadar is a powerful weather app with all the right features you need. It gives you detailed weather updates with animated weather radar around your current location. It is one of the fastest and most reliable weather applications you will find. Just open the app, and your location pops up with animated live radar. It also provides a list of weather and environment-related data layers. This is one of the few apps that give you updates on earthquakes as well. 

14. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense Flip Clock &Amp; Weather

This is a fully customizable weather app with a digital clock widget. It has a clean look that makes it easier to use the widget. You are offered three different widget sizes to choose from. Not just that, but you also get several widget skins to customize the widget as per your choice. Besides weather details, it displays your next alarm and week number. You can either set your location manually or let the app do it automatically using GPS. This simple and yet powerful widget is designed to give you a detailed current weather forecast.

15. Weather App Pro


This is yet another great free weather app. It is packed with useful features that make it stand out from other apps. From weather radar maps to local weather information, you can get all updates in one place. This app makes it easier for you to get weather updates. Besides local weather details, it also finds your weather forecast worldwide. You can even read the temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Apart from that, you can get sunrise and sunset times according to your city time zone. If you want a weather app to track weather in multiple locations, then you should download this app.

16. NOAA Weather Unofficial

Before we talk about this app, let’s make one thing clear. This weather app is not affiliated with NOAA or the National Weather Service. However, this reliable weather app provides an hourly forecast, animated radar, and current weather conditions. It features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it more convenient to use. It gives you detailed weather reports that are accurate and easy to understand. To get the most accurate location, you should keep the GPS on your phone.

17. Today Weather

Today Weather

If you want a user-friendly weather app, then you should try Today Weather. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and provides the most accurate local weather forecasts. It is regarded as the best-looking of all the weather apps by The Verge. This is a feature-rich app that gives you all the weather details you need to know. Today Weather brings you reliable and accurate weather details from 10 different sources. With this app, you can easily view weather information anywhere in the world. It also gives you severe weather alerts.

18. Simple Weather & Clock Widget

Simple Weather &Amp; Clock Widget

Many of the free weather apps have ads. If you are tired of using such apps, then you should download Simple Weather & Clock Widget. It has no ads and gives you a great user experience. It delivers accurate, current weather forecasts, info on air quality, and severe weather warnings. It comes with configurable notifications and widgets, so you can adjust the app the way you want. You can also change your widget’s background color and transparency.

19. Weather Widget by WeatherBug

Weather Widget By Weatherbug

The WeatherBug widget gives you easy access to accurate forecasts and real-time weather conditions in 5 different designs. Just so you know, it is backed by the world’s largest professional weather networks. The app lets you select from multiple weather widgets in different sizes. It offers a custom clock widget with an alarm function. Using this app, you can also set your preferred temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit. But the best of all is the severe weather alerts which keep you prepared beforehand.

20. Overdrop


Overdrop is a leading weather app that provides accurate weather updates every time. You can rely on this app for a daily weather forecast. It has powerful features such as the 96-hour radar map, 50 beautiful widgets, severe weather alerts, and six appearances. If you want detailed weather forecasts to be delivered to you every day, you should download this app. This app enables you to receive weather forecasts from leading providers. It offers a 24-hours forecast, so you can stay prepared at all times.

21. What the Forecast?!!

This award-winning app is all you need to save yourself from bad weather. To start with, it gives you daily weather details to keep you updated. The main advantage of using this app is that it provides highly accurate weather reports directly from AerisWeather. It also offers hourly forecasts for 48 hours, weather alerts from NOAA, moon phase, and air quality index. You can also share your weather reports on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

With the help of these weather apps and widgets, you no longer have to depend on TV weather forecasts. Just download any of these apps on your phone, and you are good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do You Need Weather Apps & Widgets?

Weather apps and widgets keep you informed about the local weather and alert you when there is a severe weather condition. With the help of these apps, you can plan your day properly and save yourself from bad weather.

What are the Free Weather Apps?

If you want free weather apps, you should get your hands on Google, 1Weather, NOAA Weather, and Overdrop. These apps provide accurate and detailed weather reports.

Do Android phones Have a Pre-installed Weather App?

Android phones come with a pre-installed Google app. It provides you daily weather updates. Also, the Google weather app is automatically added to your home screen.

How Do I Get the Weather App on my Android Phone?

You can find plenty of free and paid weather apps in Google Play Store. All you need to do is download a reliable weather app from the app store. Once you install the app on your phone, you can receive daily weather forecasts.

Is There Any Weather App Without Ads?

Weawow is one of the best weather applications for Android. Unlike every other weather app, Weawow is free of ads & free to use.

Is Windy Accurate? Is It a Good Weather App?

Windy is one of the most recognized weather apps out there. It strives to provide the most accurate weather details. You will find many different weather models on Windy. However, the most accurate one is perhaps the ECMWF. Windy does not create any forecast details. Instead, it visualizes forecasts based on data received from various third-party sources.

Is Google Weather API Free?

Google disabled their weather API some time ago, except on their Android platform.

Which Weather App is The Most Accurate?

To get the most accurate weather updates, you should rely on AccuWeather. It is one of the most trusted and reliable weather apps available for Android users.

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