How To Boot Computer From Android Device


Many of you may be in search of how can we boot computer from android device by using it as a bootable CD/DVD disc or flash drive. So here we are going to discuss how can we make it come alive.

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  1. DriveDroid.
  2. Bootable Image of any Operating System.
  3. Your device must be rooted.
  4. Computer.
  5. An Android Device.

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Steps to Boot Computer from Android device

  1. Download DriveDroid app from play store from the above link.
  2. Open DriveDroid.
  3. At first time you will be redirected to setup wizard.
  4. It will check whether your device is supported or not.
  5. If your device is not black listed then click proceed.
  6. Now click Acquire root.
  7. Grant root permissions.
  8. Connect your device to computer.
  9. Click I plugged in the USB cable.
  10. Read and click proceed.
  11. Select standard android.(In most cases it works)
  12. Now check that whether it is showing any drive or not on your computer.
  13. Select the appropriate option.
  14. Now reboot your computer and set your computer settings to first boot from your device.
  15. If your computer boots and show DriveDroid, then select DriveDroid booted successfully, proceed.
  16. Now copy any bootable image on your android device.
  17. Open DriveDroid. Select +.
  18. Select add image from file.
  19. Select appropriate title and select image path and press tick.
  20. Now click on the image and select in which mode you want to mount this image.
  21. Now you can boot your computer from your android device.
  • Alternatively
  1. After selecting the desired image if you are unable to see the drive on your computer then follow this procedure.
  2. Click +. Select create a blank image.
  3. Specify the desired filename and select size for that image according to your choice.
  4. Tick partition table and choose FAT filesystem.
  5. Now click on the title and mount it as writeable USB.
  6. You will see a blank flash drive on your computer.
  7. Download Universal USB Installer from here.
  8. Open Universal USB Installer.
  9. Click I Agree.
  10. Select Operating System Name.
  11. Select Bootable image.
  12. Select the drive and click create.
  13. Wait for the operation to complete.
  14. After completion, you can boot it as a bootable flash drive.

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