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What is a GaN Charger & Why You Need One

So, your smartphone has the last 5% charge left in it, and you are running around the house trying to find a charger to ensure that your phone doesn’t get switched off. That’s how important a charger is in our lives. However, the staple chargers you get with your smartphones and laptops are generally integrated with silicon material. 

But, with the shifts in technology and the growth of innovations, it isn’t surprising that more and more breakthroughs are seeping in. And, the GaN or the Gallium Nitride charger is one such option. Switching out the standard silicon, brands are now integrated GaN as semiconductors in the chargers to make them more viable and long-lasting.

The most superior prospect to switching to a GaN charger from the standard one is that it produces less heat. The reduced heat production in the charger means that the circuits and the wiring inside the charger can be done more intricately, enabling you to have a smaller charger instead.

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Is GaN Charger Replacing the Silicon Ones?

Yes, with the kind of response that it has garnered in such a short time, it isn’t surprising that more and more brands are now switching to GaN materials for their chargers. Since the late 80s, more and more brands started trying silicon material for the transistors in the chargers, mainly because it conducts electricity more efficiently.

The use of silicon as a replacement for vacuum tubes was a breakthrough, primarily because it saved money and produced better efficiency. However, humans are capable of no limits, and the switch from silicon to a further improved version of Gallium Nitride is an example of just that.

Compared to Silicon, GaN is different. It features a crystal-like material that can conduct higher voltages of electricity without causing the risks of overheating. Reports further suggest that compared to silicon, GaN ensures faster electrical conduction. This ensures faster charging, processing, and enhanced safety.

What are the Advantages of a GaN Charger?

If this is your first time being acquainted with GaN charger, you might be skeptical, thinking that it’s going to be a whole new way of getting accustomed to things. However, current reports suggest that GaN chargers are practically smarter as opposed to the previous options. Compared to silicon chargers, the GaN chargers aren’t dependent on multiple accessories or components.

Just the Gallium Nitride is enough to ensure faster conduction without delays, risks, or complications. They transfer more current more quickly without causing any trickling of energy in the process. So, the entire energy is used in the charging process, making it a lot more efficient than the chargers available today.

1. They are smaller and more travel friendly

If you are consistently on the go and need a high-quality charger to support your needs, GaN is hands down the best option. Since it doesn’t overheat, you will realize that more can be fitted into the circuitry in a closely-knit space, making the size of the charger smaller than the standard silicone chargers that you come across in the market. Reports even suggest that the GaN chargers are 50% smaller in size than the other ones.

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2. They are faster

As we mentioned time and time before, the GaN chargers are a lot more efficient than the silicone or vacuum tube chargers that are available before. The higher switching frequency is the primary reason behind the faster-charging capabilities. Also, the big air gaps keep the temperature in control and prevent the risks of damage.

3. They are compatible

With more and more smartphones and laptops now switching to USB Type-C charging port, it isn’t surprising that even chargers are molding accordingly. GaN chargers are available in varying kinds, especially for the Type-C output, to ensure that they are compatible with the current and upcoming devices in the market. Also, since the gallium nitride chargers come with a smaller design, it isn’t surprising that the same cuts down the general manufacturing costs by 10-20%.

Why is Gallium Nitride a Superior Choice over Silicon?

You must be here thinking, “I have been using silicon chargers until now. Why is GaN a better option?”

You’d be surprised to know that you aren’t the only one. To answer your question in short – Yes, GaN is a superior option compared to silicon. The movement of the conducting electrons in the GaN is 10 times more than silicon chargers.

The GaN chargers are also integrated with a higher bandgap efficiency, which means that the current can seamlessly pass through it without obstructions. The GaN chips are, thus, a lot more power-efficient.

Why is GaN the Future of Charging?

Despite GaN being in its preliminary stages now, we can vouch for the fact that it’s going to change the future of charging. The availability of electronic devices is drastically changing in our homes. And, the introduction of the GaN charger will enable consumers to get more for their bang.

Since most of these chargers are 50% smaller than the standard chargers now and come with integrated USB Type-C power delivery, it is designed and developed for the future. Not only will it support fast charging, but it will also transform it into power-efficient charging.

Also, this innovation serves multipurpose needs, which means that one charger is enough to support multiple charging requirements, cutting down the needs of consumers carrying multiple chargers for different electronic devices.

However, like any other innovation, it isn’t surprising that you will have to pay a premium price for each charger that you buy now.

GaN charger is still in its primitive stages of popularity. However, with the promising range of popularity that they have garnered in such a short period, it isn’t surprising that things will take off pretty soon. However, make sure that you get your hands on reliable brands with good reviews to back up the claims. At the end of the day, you want to rely on products that will function over a longer period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the GaN Chargers Safe?

Yes, these are completely safe, if not safer, than the standard silicon chargers we are currently using. They don’t produce excessive heat, which ensures long-lasting usage.

Is Anker Nano a GaN Charger?

While not every charger is a GaN charger, quite a few available variants from the brand are integrated with gallium nitride. Just make sure you check the compatibility and efficiency of the product before making the purchase.

Should I Buy a GaN Charger Now?

Well, why shouldn’t you? Given that they are pretty amazing, efficient, and safer, it isn’t surprising that they are the current rave among the consumers.

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