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The Complete Guide to Slot Machines

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When you think of casinos, the things that come to mind are a pack of cards, a pair of dice, and slot machines. We are bound to think of slot machines and those luscious-looking letters – JACKPOT. Slot machines are widely found all over the world, although they have their own twists to it.

Slot machines are known around the globe with various names. Some of those names are fruit machine, the slot, poker machine, puggy, slot, and most commonly, in the USA, one-armed bandit.

The machine gets it’s interesting and a very wild-Western name from its appearance. The old, conventional, and still quite distinctively recognized machines are those that have a lever. These machines are electromechanical in their function. Since they have just one lever on their side, they get their prideful name – one-armed bandit.

To continue to have the same essence as those one-armed bandits, the latest slot machines have a lever as well, although they function digitally. But to speak of electromechanical and other long words as such, let us tell you more about how these slot machines came into existence.


Slot Machines Explained
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Slot machines have a long line of makeovers. It was once played as a form of poker, which is why some people still like to call it a poker machine. The game of slots consisted of 5 drums and 50 cards, out of which 10 of spades and jack of hearts were removed [Source: Wikipedia]. Don’t ask why.

Okay, let us tell you why. This was a game of chance, unlike a game where you could display your skillset. The 50 cards were placed equally in the 5 drums, and cards would be selected at random. This ensured a random combination of cards and avoided a player from winning a royal flush. Things like beer and cigars were up for grabs to the winners of the game.

To make a player’s life worse, the drums were often rearranged to make them lose. This system of poker machine was soon found at bars and began to grow among people in the 1890s. However, this wasn’t the best yet.

A few years down the line, a man named Charles Fey had invented the machine, which had three spinning reels and five symbols. This allowed greater odds at winning a jackpot, or that’s what they thought. But on a serious note, the odds have been brought down from winning from 10 cards and 5 drums to 3 reels and 5 symbols.

The automatic machine had five symbols – horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. This was why the machine was also named Liberty Bell.

The machine grew so much on people that they began having these machines at bars popularly. The slot machine came into existence then. Many manufacturers have copied the idea and started manufacturing machines of their own. This system became so popular that many other machines were made. This was a result of the law being against ‘gambling’. Although these machines picked a random combination, it was considered gambling due to the prizes won in the end.

Machines that were later invented were trade stimulators. These machines exchanged chewing gums for every right combination of fruits on the reels. The reels contained pictures of lemons, cherries, and other bright and straightforward flavors that attracted anyone’s attention. These machines then evolved into our regular slot machines, but the evolution didn’t end there.

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With the ever-changing technology, the machines took some change too. Modern slot machines have taken the experience to a whole new level. A very bright and colorful image on the video screen is only a part of the whole experience. Although the machines run with a touchscreen, they still have a lever to give a player the best experience of the old slot machines and the latest technology put together.

Parts of a Slot Machine

To understand how the machines function, it is important to know how these machines are built and what parts go into making these slot machines.

1. Reels

The first and most basic thing is the reel. It is the most visible and upfront part of a slot machine. The reels are the strips that contain symbols and blanks. The symbols are placed alternatively with blanks to bring down the odds at winning at slot machines. The reels spin and stop at the selected number that has been generated by the RNG.

2. Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is used to build a slot machine. This is the core part of a slot machine that makes it function randomly.

3. Paytable

Before playing on a slot machine, it is important to know the paytable of that particular machine. The paytable shows the prize for the number of coins and a combination. It is important to know this before playing a 3 reel slot machine or a 5 reel one. The two paytables may look a little different, but they contain vital information.

4. Loyalty Card Slot

A loyalty card slot is a vertical slot present next to the reels on the slot machine. This is usually above the slot where a player drops coins or tokens. But one slot machine differs from another, so there’s a chance it might not always be in the same spot. Loyalty cards are the cards provided by casinos to help a player track the money he is spending.

Las Vegas casinos use this loyalty card system to keep hotel guests from playing at other casinos and limiting them to playing at their casinos using the loyalty card. The loyalty card also offers features like upgrading the room, getting better and exclusive services, etc.

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5. Cash Tray

A cash tray is the best part of the slot machine since this is where all the goodness comes from. The cash tray is placed (on most machines) below the reels. This is the area where one can collect their prize in the form of coins, tokens, or treats (in the case of vending machine-like slot machines).

6. Lever

The lever is the stick provided, usually on the right side of the slot machine. This lever is meant to be pulled and a button to be pushed to begin the spinning of the reels.

7. Strongbox

As the name suggests, this is the box that holds all the coins safely.

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8. Coin Chute

This is the tube that connects the strongbox and the cash tray. When a player wins, the coin chute provides the payout coins.

These are some of the many parts of the slot machine. To get to know these amazing machines, let’s see how they function.


Now coming to an understanding of the mechanism of a slot machine, it is simple and non-complicated. The machine takes in a coin or a number of coins depending on the player’s bet through the coin slot.

When the gamer drops the coin(s) in the machine and pulls the lever, and pushes the button, the reels begin to spin and stop at a random combination.

Now there are various numbers of reels allowing a number of possibilities – both at winning and losing. The odds of winning at a slot machine are just as much as losing at it.

But coming back to the mechanism, the machine is made using the Random Number Generator (RNG), or the modern machines use the Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG). These generators choose a number randomly, and the reels stop exactly at that combination.

We are compelled to think that the RNG generates a number, and the machine stops at that combination while the reels are spinning. But let’s tell you an interesting thing about these generators and the machines. The number is picked as soon as a player hits the button.

The reels’ spinning is only a courtesy to the player to make them feel good about their game. Now let’s give you a minute to wrap your head around that fact. Yes, it is true. Nothing can be done while the reels are spinning because the number has been generated right at the beginning with the press of a button (or a touch of the screen). Now that it’s clear how they function let’s get into the different kinds of slot machines around the world.

Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines have evolved from cards in drums to digital video screens. In all that evolution, some machines took different paths and grew into various kinds that run on the same principle but have varying outcomes.

Some of the many kinds of slot machines are classic slot machines, bonus slot machines, fruit machines, loyalty slot machines, progressive slot machines, multi-payline machines, video slot machines, virtual slot machines. In the era of the Internet, almost any person has the opportunity to play free slots no download online.

Tips and Tricks

A slot machine ordinarily highlights three to five reels or chambers on which engraved images and spaces are left clear. It has around 22 signs or “stops” on every reel. Coordinating these images in specific blends leads to a triumphant payout. Video spaces may have up to seven reels, each speaking to three lines of five images.

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The images on a reel-turning machine incorporate splendidly hued pictures of natural products, like, lemons and fruits, numerals, or shapes, like, precious stones, hearts, and chimes. Video space machines may utilize some of these customary pictures. However, they are prone to highlight characters or images from famous Broadcast events, cartoon figures and film artists can also be found or pictures of prominent performing artists, artists, or game figures.

The real slot game lover usually prefers the vintage slot game machine that comes with a lever to pull and initiate the game; they also believe that it gives a better feel. The outcome of the machines, reel spinning, and the slot machine follows the same logic as the winning totally depends on the last stop of the symbols.

There is no drastic step that can define the difference. It mainly understands the way the program (RNG) works to increase the chances of winning. Pick a machine with an altered or a dynamic bonanza. With which you can have more chances of hitting the JACKPOT. A way to understand this is by using a particular slot machine and checking the most common numbers it holds on. This one important step will surely increase your chances of winning the JACKPOT.

There are basically two different approaches to this game, which again depend on your betting amount. If you want to play normally, you can simply press the play one credit button and proceed, but if you feel lucky that day, you can simply hit play max and then confirm that bet with a spin. If you are lucky, you might nail the JACKPOT.

The common amounts that these machines offer are 9, 15, 25, and 50. You have to pick a proper line of the amount so that you can have a constant win. It’s always good to have a high amount as the average win. You simply make more money sooner.


Spaces are the most mainstream amusement in the gambling club in light of the fact that it takes next to no to play the machine money astute, as well as in like manner sense. The standards for the openings will be exceptionally basic.

You simply need to pick what sort of slot machine you need to play on, as there different types of machines. You have a decision somewhere around three and five reels. You additionally have a decision in the number of pay lines.

For the vast majority of us, we pick the space machine in light of the money-related worth. At the end of the day, what amount does it take for a one-coin wager? On a space machine, you generally need to wager the maximum. This implies you have to know what number of coins per round you can play.

A considerable measure of them is five-coin limits, so beginning with a penny machine and playing five pennies for each round offers a percentage of better payouts. It works differently on every machine as the machines start from the range of nickel, dime, and dollar. It’s always suggested that you pick a good machine that is slightly progressive to simply increase the winning chances.

This is everything you can know about slot machines – their history, mechanism, tips, and tricks to play. Slot machines are fun to play with, and who knows, if you hit it, the jackpot might just be yours.

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