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The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new, but very popular way of creating passive income. Everyone wants to make money, while others sleep. Tempting prospects for freedom and wealth will open up to you, but at the same time, in order to become successful in affiliate marketing, you will need a lot of determination, diligence, and patience.

Starting with the sale of books, Amazon has grown into the largest seller of a wide range of products, from books and music to clothing and electronics. The company clearly worked out the mechanisms of sales, payment, and logistics. You can earn a lot by advertising various products of this online store, working with an affiliate of Amazon, one of the oldest on the Internet. This simple, cheap guide-essay will allow you to start partner marketing and conduct a successful business.

What & Where to Start?

As with any other business, dipping into the online partnership requires thorough research in advance, which is necessary for you to get a realistic idea of your niche. If you are looking for ways to easily earn through affiliate marketing, the reality will make you disappoint. It takes time to become a professional, so your starting profit will be no more than a few dollars.

You also need to know that now many people are engaged in the online partnership, so there is very serious competition in it. Of course, there is a way to combat high competition. The second step is to choose a niche. Do not choose a niche, only because it is very popular at the moment, and people are showing great interest in it.

The best strategy is to choose an offspring that will also benefit you as a person, in this case, your feedback will turn out, to be honest, and more convincing. Thanks to this you will be able to effectively perform your work for a long time.

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So, you need to think carefully about the choice of offspring niche. Here are a few tips on how to proceed:

  • Use Google’s smart search to find what is the most common search query in your niche;
  • Selecting multiple products will help you in the long run;
  • Remember that it takes time to prepare everything, so your niche should have a long-term perspective.

Getting Started with Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Program

In order to work with this affiliate, you need to register on the site affiliate-program.amazon.com or their associate sites for different regions. You have to specify all your data. You need to specify the real information as name and surname, address, phone.

Next, specify the sources of traffic (sites, mobile applications) and describe it: topics, the presence or absence of adult content, methods of monetization, the amount of traffic. Take into account that you need to enter a real phone number.

Then take a call, in which the robot will say your PIN. After that, you should fill out the tax form, indicate that you are not a resident of the United States, and indicate your tax data.

Create an Amazon Niche Blog

You can use two approaches to earn money on this affiliate:

  1. Place on the existing site widgets or offspring banners that may be of interest to visitors to the web resource.
  2. Create a website specifically for traffic and affiliate marketing.

The second option is more rational and you can immediately create a “selling” design of web pages. The practical experience of webmasters says that the best approach is to create a site with descriptions of the principle of one page – one product.

First of all, you need WordPress. In conjunction with the pair of modules described below, WordPress is a powerful tool and completely free. Thus, the installation of WordPress is necessary for a correct understanding of further explanations. In order to get the most out of your Amazon affiliate program using WordPress, you certainly need decent web hosting.

The next step is as follows.

Select a product

Amazon Departments

This is an important point in which there should not be accidents; you need to focus on the quality and popularity of the offspring and attractive price. The first two parameters can be estimated with the help of the rating and the number of offspring reviews on the Amazon website. Also, specify the desired price in the filter parameters. It should be taken into account that the lower the price, the lower your reward, and there is no sense in advertising a gadget or clothes for $10.

Design the page


It is important to follow the rules of Amazon, not to use its trademarks and not to copy the design of the site itself.

Write unique description of the product

10Beasts Article

On the offspring description page, it is recommended to place texts with a size of at least 3000 characters. Use low-frequency keys with little competition.

Plugin WooCommerce Amazon

You will get the most out of the alliance of WordPress and WooCommerce and will be able to import to your site the products of your niche listed on Amazon if you install the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate plugin, which is very easy to use. To further optimize the site it is worth installing one more plugin – WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Smart Amazon Links using Astute Links

In most cases, you will be targeting an international audience and you will be signing up for Amazon affiliate programs for different countries & regions. You cannot afford to put a link for each region on your blog/website. Astute Links will use its smart technology to target users to their local Amazon storefront, hence making you the most out of your worldwide traffic.

Create Multiple Pages to Generate Trust

Your site can not work without trust. You have to prove to people that your site adds value. The following pages will be useful to create mutual understanding with potential visitors.

  • About us: The page describes what your site offers, if you have a niche, in a few words, report about it,  and specify why people should use your service.
  • This is very important and increases trust. It’s a proven fact that people are looking for a physical address even when buying online.
  • Create a blog page and write a few posts about the niche in which you specialize in attracting the attention of visitors with the help of useful content. Write offspring reviews (preferably true)! Use WordPress SEO to optimize your blog for search engines.

Add More Offspring Categories

So, the WooCommerce plugin Amazon Affiliate is set up and ready to import the goods. You will need to add more offspring categories, so visit the WooCommerce section of your WordPress sidebar and click the Add categories button. Add categories relevant to your niche. Now click on the offspring category again and look at SEO Settings Yoast WordPress, fill in all the fields using keywords, etc. Repeat this for all your offspring categories. Click on Advanced Search & Bulk import in the WooCommerce plugin to import the products.

SEO Optimization for Each Product

Search Engine Optimization

Now we have the imported offspring as a draft, which has yet to be optimized. You can see from the search query in Google that there is quite a lot of competition. To try to compete you have to be a little different. Use Google’s smart search to find out the most frequently used queries when searching for your product.

With WordPress SEO, you eventually need to write creative and attractive offspring descriptions that are optimized for your key search phrase. Do this for each product, and you will have the opportunity to lure visitors to your site!

Launching the Website

If you have added all the goods you need, created the content of your new Amazon affiliate site on WordPress, everything is ready to run the site. Deactivate the blocking of the indexing of the site by search engines (if you did it while you were setting up the site and filling it), install Google Analytics.

Try to add one or two new posts to the blog weekly, making links to the product pages of your site. Keep content fresh and attractive. Think about what you would like to see yourself when looking for products and what would force you to make a purchase? Work and have fun!

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Without Site

Amazon requires you to specify the source of traffic in the form of a site or mobile application. If you do not have a site with search traffic and a regular audience, then to work with this affiliate program you will need a landing page. You will show the landing in the parameters of the partner account. And you will merge the traffic received from other sources (for example, context, targeted or banner advertising) on it.

The largest online store in the US (for Christmas holidays it took 38% of all online trading) contains a large enough range of goods so that you can find positions suitable for advertising on your website or with fairly low competition in obtaining traffic. The Amazon affiliate gives the webmaster the main thing that is needed for a good earning. This is a very large assortment of popular products at an affordable price.


The Amazon affiliate program is a modern and proven way to earn money on the Internet. But remember, you need time to get rich. If you are not living in the region of the Amazon Associates Program then you will have to receive money by cheque or Amazon gift card because you will not have a local bank account in that country. But you can create a virtual bank account using Payoneer to receive Amazon Payment.

Nevertheless, we hope that you are not afraid of difficulties, but, on the contrary, are inspired by the idea of online marketing and will become one of those who confidently earn money through the affiliate program of Amazon Associates.

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