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How to Calibrate Gyroscope on Your Android Smartphone?

The Android smartphone has come a long way since the first Android phones were introduced. One of the latest additions to Android is the gyroscope, which can be used for many different purposes.

The Android smartphone’s gyroscope gives you access to motion-based games and applications that are fun and engaging. You can also use it for navigation if you do not have a service or GPS lock on your phone.

However, the gyroscope sometimes causes some issues, Ever had the experience where you are playing a game on your Android smartphone, and it seems like the phone is moving around even though you’re holding it still?

That’s because Android gyroscopes need to be calibrated. Unfortunately, many Android users don’t know how to calibrate gyroscope on their Android smartphones. Here are some steps to calibrate Android gyroscope calibration.

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What is Gyroscope? and Why Do Smartphones Need One?

Gyroscope In Mobile Device
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A gyroscope is an instrument for measuring or maintaining orientation based on the conservation of angular momentum. In other words, it’s a tool that rotates and is used for measuring or maintaining orientation.

Most Android phones now come with a three-axis gyroscopic sensor that can be found inside your device’s built-in compass. The Android phone’s integrated magnetometer and barometer sensors are what make this possible. A magnetometer is used to measure the Android smartphone’s heading, and a barometer sensor measures elevation.

It’s able to do this by measuring or maintaining its rotation around three axes, which is how it can detect changes in the Android phone orientation.

What Does Gyroscope Do on Android Phone?

Gyroscopes can be found in many different places, such as:

  • Game Consoles
  • Digital compasses
  • Smartphones with GPS Navigation systems
  • Drones for stabilization
  • Helicopters, airplanes, and spacecraft for stabilization

So, why do Android phones need a gyroscope? Well, Android phones with gyroscopes can detect their orientation in relation to the earth’s gravitational pull. So, gyroscopes help Android smartphone users measure the orientation of their devices.

A gyroscope sensor makes it possible to track changes in your Android phone’s direction and rotation with high precision. This is measured by how many degrees an object rotates or turns over a period of time: the Android phone’s gyroscope.

Gyroscopes are essential for Android devices that rely on the built-in GPS or when you want to play motion-based games. The Android smartphone can sense its orientation through the internal sensors and adjust accordingly.

How to Calibrate Gyroscope in Your Smartphone

The first method allows you Android gyroscope calibration without download any additional third-party software. You can do Android gyroscope calibration on your smartphone using the built-in CIT Menu (Control and Identification Toolbox). Here are the steps you need to follow:

various devices follow different methods to open the CIT menu. The most common method is to open the Settings, go to About Phone, and find Kernal Version Option. Tap on the Kernal Version Option 5 times until it opens the CIT menu.

In this section, you’ll discover almost all of the sensors that have been built into your phone. There are many tests you could do. But for now, we will look for the Gyroscope menu. Now scroll down and find the Gyroscope option.

Now place your phone on a flat surface, and you will find that the X, Y, and Z values become close to Zero. At this moment press, the pass button, and your device is successfully calibrated.

The second method allows you Android gyroscope calibration with a third-party Android app. You can do Android gyroscope calibration on an Android smartphone with the help of an Android app available on the Android Play Store. Here are some steps to calibrate Android gyroscope calibration using an Android app:

Search for Android Gyroscope Calibration and Download the app with Good Ratings and Reviews. Open the app that you just downloaded. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete calibration on your Android device.


The calibration process can be completed in just a few minutes. If you’ve never calibrated your phone before, follow these instructions; your Android phone’s built-in gyroscope will be calibrated and ready to use.

Once it is complete, you will see an accuracy improvement on all of your future readings! The gyroscope of your Android phone must be calibrated; otherwise, it may cause problems or errors for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Difference Between Accelerometer and a Gyroscope?

The main difference between an accelerometer and a gyroscope is that the accelerometer detects acceleration of movement, while the gyroscope measures angular velocity.

An accelerometer measures the linear acceleration of movement, which is a change in velocity or speed—a gyroscope measures angular velocity, which is a change in orientation around a particular axis.

Both Android accelerometers and Android gyroscopes are used in various Android apps, for example, when playing games or calibrating the Android device if it’s tilting in space.

How Do I Know if My Phone has Gyroscope?

All Android smartphones in the market include a built-in gyroscope. It’s an essential part of their sensors package, and it is used for all kinds of things.

Where is the Gyroscope Sensor Located on My Phone?

All Android smartphones have their built-in gyroscope sensor located somewhere on the main hardware board, so it is difficult to say which part has the gyroscope.

What Should I do if the Gyroscope Sensor is Not Working?

If your Android phone stops responding to movement, you might want to try calibrating it. If the calibration doesn’t work, it may be due to a hardware malfunction, and you should contact your phone’s manufacturer for further assistance.

How Can I Improve My Gyroscope Sensor?

If you want to improve your Android device’s gyroscope sensor, you can calibrate it. You need a flat surface and at least three minutes of your time to calibrate the Android gyroscope.

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