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All Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations (And Their Codes)

Choosing a drop location in Call of Duty Warzone can literally make or break a game. Picking a hot drop is a risky option, but find a decent weapon fast, and your squad can take out a good number of enemies very early on in the game.

We’ve put together a guide below on where to find all the Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations in both Verdansk and the smaller Rebirth Island map and how to access each of them.

A quick side note, with the current event at the time of writing for Season Two, a few of the Bunkers have been closed off due to the zombie outbreak.

The numerous Bunkers hidden across the map, specifically the keycode ones, can certainly be classified as quite the spicy landing zone since they offer a pirate’s bounty worth of loot, from legendary weapons to kill streaks for your Call of Duty account.

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List of Call of Duty Warzone Bunker Locations

Verdansk Bunkers

Call Of Duty Warzone Verdansk

There are thirteen total Bunkers to be found in the main Warzone map. Five of these Bunkers are accessed by finding a Red Access Card in a loot box, six are unlocked by inputting specific keycode numbers, one is just a gaping hole in the ground that requires no effort or items to get into, and the final one is something special.

i) Red Access Card Bunkers

It appears that from the current state of play regarding the hordes of undead roaming the land, all Red Access Card Bunkers have been locked down, with the Red Access Cards no longer spawning. That said, the locations are as follows:

  • Zordaya Prison – Located just under the small bridge that connects the main entrance of the Prison to the mainland, this Bunker is embedded into the side of the cliff
  • Gora Dam – This is also hidden in the side of a cliff just west of the Gora Dam below a small group of houses
  • Crash Site – The Crash Site is just outside of the Military Base to the Southwest
  • Karst Quarry – Located on the edge of the map on the northeast side, this Bunker is quite out of the way for most players
  • Zozsni Spomenik (Monument) – Again right near the very edge of the map (this time almost out of the Combat Zone), this Bunker is tucked away underneath the side of the road to the far south near the Monument

ii) Keycode Bunkers

The following Bunkers can be unlocked by entering the corresponding codes and do not require any kind of unique item to get to their withheld goodies:

  • Prison – 72948531 – Not too far from the Red Access Card Bunker, the Keycode Bunker near Zordaya Prison looks like an innocuous shack
  • Farmland – 49285163 – The Bunker in Krovnik is hidden within a simple barn
  • Race Track – 87624851 – The Race Track Bunker is not far south of the Junkyard Bunker but is often frequented early on in the game by many ravenous squads
  • TV Station – 27495810 – Like the Prison Keycode Bunker, the loot stash here is also a shack
  • Junkyard – 27495810 – Thrown slightly to the west and in between Storage Town and the airplane Boneyard
  • Styor Spomenik – 60274513 – Found at the very bottom of Tavorsk Park, this Bunker is probably one of the least explored

iii) Misc Bunkers

  • The Hole – As mentioned above, Verdansk’s latest Bunker has no entry permit. “The Hole” as it has come to be colloquially known, is located on the Airport runway just north of the hangars. There are technically two ways to get down to the excavated loot cave; one through the big, ungraceful crack in the concrete, and the other a manhole with a ladder to get in and out near a small inaccessible building further along the runway.
  • Stadium – The Bunker concealed below the depths of the Verdansk FC Stadium requires a lot of legwork to get open. To crack this one wide open, you’ll need multiple unique key cards, a strange code from computers, and a method to decipher this code to make any sense of it.

    You’ll need 3 cards, all of which are found within the Stadium itself:

    CL19 – This is found in the bar area on the middle level of the Stadium
    P216 – This card is in the underground parking lot to the northwest
    EL21 – The final card is in the executive lounge/VIP area on the top floor

    Once you’ve got all the cards, head to the keycode door on the top floor. Use your first key, and you’ll need to write down the numbers and/or symbols the computer shows you. Repeat the process twice more with the other two keys as the computer message slowly reveals the code to you. The code is also different every game, so don’t bother remembering anything from game to game.

    If you do manage to complete all the steps required for this Bunker, you’ll gain access to the unique CR-56 AMAX Blueprint “Enigma”, as well as a firework celebration.
  • Bunker 11 – This one is a bit of a doozy. Bunker 11 is more or less at the very top of the map, just to the slight northwest of the Military Base. You’ll need to be ready to journey around a good portion of the land to answer a number of phones. Check the Reddit link we’ve included to see a full map of the phones, with the phones marked in blue being ones that will start the sequence of opening the Bunker.

You’ll need to wait for a specific jingle followed by some numbers read out in Russian (the Reddit map has a handy translation guide too). These three numbers will reference the phone locations laid out in the Reddit map and in what order to activate them. For example, getting the numbers “157” will mean you have to go to Downtown, then TV Station, and finally to Airport.

The phone locations (in accordance with the fantastically made Reddit map) are:

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  1. Inside a shipping container in the Military base
  2. Inside the Bank
  3. In some buildings located between TV Station and Military Base
  4. In the big building at the end of Quarry
  5. Lumber Yard Police Station
  6. Inside TV Station
  7. In the ATC Tower
  8. Airport Terminal
  9. Hospital
  10. Building at the base of Gora Dam

Rebirth Island Bunker

Call Of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island

The Yellow Door – There is only one Bunker located on the Nova 6 producing island of Rebirth in the house to the East of the tower building near Prison, and you have to put in some real grind to crack it open.

First off, you’ll need to find the randomly spawning briefcase (the briefcase is already open with three photos on the floor around it) that appears in one of these locations:

  • Security – Behind the watchtower building near the helipad in the southeast corner
  • Construction 1 – To the west of the Construction Site on the ledges overlooking the sea
  • Construction 2 – Just to the north slightly of the Construction Site in the small fenced off area
  • Decon Zone 1 – To the northwest of Decon Zone, behind the building with the ammunition stack and Buy Station
  • Decon Zone 2 – On the jetty to the north of Decon Zone
  • Bio Weapons 1 – Near the jetty by the Buy Station at the back of the building to the north
  • Bio Weapons 2 – In the road in between Decon Zone, Bio Weapons, and Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering 1 – Just to the East outside of Chem on a small platform on the lowest level
  • Chemical Engineering 2 – To the southeast of Chemical where the pylons are
  • Nova 6 Factory – Inside the building just to the northeast of Nova 6 Factory towards Harbour

Once you’ve found the briefcase, you’ll need to examine the photos on the floor around it. There are multiple photos that are different every time, and the photos will correlate with a location on the map, which you must go to and receive a code. Check out this image for where the photo locations are and the video from MrDalekJD linked above for a full walkthrough.

Three of these codes are used to open the mythical door, so make sure you note them down (dashes included).  Once you have your code, head to the door. The sequence can’t start or end in a dash, and the rules for inputting the codes are:

  • Three numbers on their own = first number
  • Three numbers + Dash = first number
  • Two numbers (regardless of Dash(es)) = second number
  • Dash followed by three numbers = third number

Input your magic three numbers, and the golden gate will open, treating you to a whole host of great loot, the foresight killstreak showing you all circles, the Specialist bonus granting you every perk plus a few bonuses, and the unique “Red Room” blueprint for the Milano 821.

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